Airdate: Krypton

New US adventure prequel Krypton, developed by David S. Goyer and Damian Kindler, will debut on Syfy later this month.

The series stars Cameron Cuffe (The Halcyon, Florence Foster Jenkins) as a young Seg-El, the grandfather of Kal-El (aka Superman).

This premieres in the US next week.

Before Superman tightened his cape he was a child on his home planet of Krypton. Famously, it was only upon Krypton’s destruction that Superman’s father, Jor-El, placed his infant son (then called Kal-El) in an escape pod and sent him to Earth.

SYFY’s new series Krypton premiering Thursday March 29 at 7.30pm, will explore the generations of drama that predated that event, as well as the legacy it creates for the future superhero. Krypton follows the young Kryptonian Seg-El, portrayed by Cameron Cuffe (The Halcyon, Florence Foster Jenkins), who just so happens to be Superman’s grandfather as he endeavors to stop the preemptive destruction of Krypton in order for his grandson, Kal-El (Superman) to be born.

Cameron Cuffe is joined by Ian McEhinney (Game of Thrones, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story), Shaun Sipos (Dark Matters, The Vampire Diaries), Georgia Campbell (Black Mirror, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword), Paula Malcomson (Hunger Games Trilogy, Ray Donovan) and Blake Ritson (Da Vinci’s Demons).

7:30pm Thursday March 29 on Syfy.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    I’m a huge fan of Superman, he’s probably my go-to superhero, and I’m glad there’s more TV in the canon, but *another* prequel series, indeed a prequel-prequel series? I’m not entirely convinced. I’ll definitely give it a look tho. It’s an interesting concept using Se(y)g-El, one of the newer characters in the canon. Hopefully this gives us more of a look into the wider -El family, and unlocking – for want of a better term – some of the newer characters in the franchise.

    Also, David, I know you’ve probably quoted the blurb from somewhere, but I’m intrigued by the wording “preemptive destruction”. Preemptive against what? Guess I’ll have to watch and find out.

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