Amazon leak reveals value of The Grand Tour

New info reveals how Amazon determines its best performing shows, and the ones that hook new subscribers.

Ratings for streaming shows are never available to us but Reuters has leaked some details from a document that shows just how valuable The Grand Tour is to Amazon.

It cites figures for “cost per first stream” which indicates the first show people watched after signing up -therefore being attributed as the show which convinced people to become a subscriber.

While costing a reported $78 million to make, The Grand Tour pulled in more than 1.5 million “first streams”, meaning it had a “cost per first stream” of around $49 per subscriber.

The figures seen by Reuters include subscribers in the US and UK as well as Germany, Austria and Japan from late 2014 to early 2017.

By comparison, the first season of Sneaky Pete with Bryan Cranston had a cost per first stream of $959 dollars, significantly more expensive than the basic cost of a Prime membership.

The report claims that Amazon Prime Video drew over five million people to the Prime subscription service by early 2017. It also calculates that around 26 million US Prime members watched television and movies on the service by 2017.

Amazon previously revealed its top titles in Australia in 2017:

Most Streamed Series in Australia
The Grand Tour Season 1
The Grand Tour – Season 2
American Gods – Season 1
The Man in the High Castle – Season 1
The Tick – Season 1A

Source: Radio Times

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  1. Interesting, so after hooking a new subscriber the hope is that they will stay for at least 12 months to cover their costs and also the losses made on other shows, this could be risky business especially considering the claimed billions invested in producing big budget shows by all the streaming players. Logically, it cant be too long before some shows will attract pay to view or advertising, more likely big players like Disney will merge into their competition. It would not be a good idea to exponentially increase the monthly fees.

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