Auditions: Married at First Sight

Nine is yet to formally renew Married at First Sight (which it clearly will) but a casting notice for Season 6 has already gone out.

“Are you single and looking for the love of your life? Are you tired of swiping left in bars and want to find your perfect match? Do you know of someone who deserves a partner to fulfill their dreams? Are you ready to put your heart on the line and settle down?” it asks.

There is no mention of the necessary fireworks, hissy fits, tantrums, and bitching that has accompanied this season.

Filming will take place between August and December 2018.

Applications close on June 1st and you must be 25 years of age or over.

You can apply here.


  1. i like this show, its my guilty pleasure.
    this season the promo was about what the Men is looking for in a wife and he got slammed for that and and so was the guy from last season- next season it would be interesting to see them have a women list all the things she is looking for in a men and should be referred to as ‘AustraliasPickiestWomen’

  2. I know that channel 9 are getting the ratings with this show, but just wonder who really watch and enjoy it, think this is one of the worst reality shows on TV, only watched it once and that was once too often.

  3. Why bother. Sometimes I think 9 just don’t care about the people, they just love the drama and of course that brings in ratings. So out of all the season hasn’t only 1 couple managed to stay together. Which isn’t a great outcome.

    These so called experts don’t seem to be great about the people they pair each other up with.

    • Please tell me you don’t take this show seriously? Of course Channel 9 only care about the ratings and drama they cause, they are a business after all! They couldn’t care less if people stay together or not.

    • Think of how mant times it’s referred to as “The Experiment”. It is always kept in perspective in that sense, all the couples know that experiments are unpredictable and can fail. Personally i think you have to be a special type of person to want to put yourself on national tv in this way.

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