Bachelor boosts TEN as Spartan sinks lower

TEN’s decision to hold Bachelor in Paradise until after Married at First Sight wrapped has been vindicated with the show drawing 750,000 viewers last night.

It was second in its slot, only just beaten by 60 Minutes on 778,000, but it did top all 3 demos. That’s encouraging news for the network after last week sinking to its lowest ever week since OzTAM ratings began in 2001.

But it was bad news for Seven with Australian Spartan returning to just 473,000 viewers – that’s lower than the 524,000 it attracted when the network yanked it from the schedule.

At least we are now in Easter non-ratings, so it won’t affect Seven’s annual share.

Elsewhere last night the Comedy Festival Gala drew 366,000 viewers for ABC and the afternoon Australian Grand Prix race averaged 612,000 viewers, down on 2017’s 701,000.

Nine won the night overall. You can check out the OzTAM Overnights here.

Full ratings wraps resume on April 9.


  1. Considering the Dating show fatigue still very much alive from MAFS, BIP hasn’t done that bad and Ten should be happy with the result. Will be interesting to see if the numbers remain steady or if they drop like IMACGMOOH.

  2. At the start of the year, who would have thought Bachelor in Paradise would beat Australian Spartan? It’s the non ratings period, so it must be time for TEN to do well. I think the concept of a non ratings period has to go….when thousands of hours of ad free content is just a few clicks away, FTA needs to bring it’s A Game every day. Keep Excluding the actual days like Christmas Day & Easter Sunday, but people are still watching TV in the days leading up to holidays like Easter…and companies don’t stop pushing their products and services – especially at Christmas. Why should a viewer in the next 2 weeks be any less valued & competed for?

  3. The Ch10 telecast of the Grand Prix was woeful. With a handful of laps to go ( < 8) they kept cutting to commercial breaks, station promos and news, and we didn''t even get to see 3rd and 4 th (with Dan Ricciardo) crossing the line. There was no coverage of the GT cars (that I saw) either. And sorry, the blond presenter in the paddock was so out of place it hurt. She gushed over the top at everything!
    I admit though, better than being on FOX only.

  4. I’m getting worried about Ninja Warrior. It seems that Spartan has poisoned the genre, and Ninja Warrior this year might be a flop as well. Nine should be very concerned about this, I hope we haven’t seen a shifting of viewer tastes away from this genre and we will have to put up with wall to wall dating shows if Ninja Warrior flops this year as well.

    • I dunno, ANW did an excellent job with the production values, pace and format so it should do (deservedly) well second time around. Spartan has flumped on all of the above.

  5. Bachelor needed to get into it quickly – don’t know why they needed what was essentially a 5 minute ad for the show at the start of the show. Way too much on the coming ups and soons as well.

  6. Very boring night on the box last night. Couldn’t find anything of interest on the EPG so switched off again and binge watched the first 3 seasons of Weeds instead.

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