Good Doctor helps Seven to another Tuesday win

Ratings: A recent Freddie Highmore visit sees US drama lift. Bondi Rescue is no match for reality juggernauts. Duh.

Aside from two noisy reality shows Tuesday’s bright spot was left to The Good Doctor with a standout 869,000 viewers in a 9pm timeslot.

That was up on last week’s 838,000, no doubt aided by a recent Freddie Highmore visit.

The US drama beat an improved Date Night on Nine at 500,000, ABC’s The Human Body and Hughesy We Have a Problem, which lifted above it’s TEN lead-in.

Married at First Sight at 1.23m and MKR at 1.03m were both well in front of a returned Bondi Rescue (380,000 / 343,000), which trailed 7:30 and another CJZ production The Checkout. Worth noting TEN’s second episode fared better than the first half hour.

Seven News and The Chase won their slots. ACA was high at 908,000.

Seven Network won Tuesday with 31.8% then Nine 30.3%, TEN 15.5%, ABC 15.4% and SBS 7.0%.

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine with 1.23m then Nine News (955,000 / 908,00), A Current Affair (908,000), Date Night (500,000) and Hot Seat (452,000 / 271,000). Movie: Bad Teacher drew 205,000.

My Kitchen Rules led for Seven with 1.03m then Seven News (998,000 / 931,000), The Good Doctor (869,000), Home and Away (646,000), The Chase (565,000 / 345,000). Grey’s Anatomy was 232,000.

The Project (519,000 / 292,000) led for TEN then TEN Eyewitness News (424,000), Hughesy We Have a Problem (403,000) and Bondi Rescue (380,000 / 343,000). Family Feud drew 270,000 and NCIS: LA was just 205,000.

ABC News (720,000), 7:30 (595,000), The Checkout (492,000), The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life Revealed (412,000), Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots (229,000) and Think Tank (192,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Who Do You Think You Are? (260,000), Insight (239,000), Dateline (211,000) and SBS World News (131,000).

ABC KIDS show Octonauts topped multichannels with 216,000.

The Morning Show: 123,000 / 72,000
Today Extra: 99,000 / 56,000
Studio 10: 76,000 / 68,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 14 March 2018

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  1. I watched a few Married at First Sight…..then it got annoying…just turned off the TV now…
    The Good Doctor…..finding it a bit hard going now with that new blonde doctor out to destroy the good doctor….tried to watch on 7Plus…but it annoyed me…Do I have a young blonde issue…cannot stand the female actor in The Resident also…so do not watch it either.

  2. Why is it that almost half the audience of The Project tune out for the second half hour. Maybe TEN should make this program half an hour only and start their next reality series at 7.00pm

  3. Problem with Bondi Rescue is it is aired after the summer season ends. We are in winter mode already, well many states are. I think its a great show but perhaps more suited to a Thursday or Friday 7.30pm time slot.

      1. Yeah winter is here with a bang. Blizzards, 2 metre snowdrifts, day time temps of -5, the Yarra river frozen over, roads like an ice rink…well that’s what its like here in Melbourne today…..or is it?

    1. Winter mode? Still day light tilll 7.30 or later in alot of areas – only when daylight saving ends in a few weeks’ time do we really start hitting winter mode and increased TV viewing earlier in the night.

      I believe Bondi Rescue is like Neighbours – Australian ratings alone don’t keep it alive, it is sold to other countries, also repeats airs on Foxtel. Some of the commentary you can tell is for non-Aussie audiences.

  4. Things are not going well for TEN. Bachelor in Paradise can’t come soon enough for them!

    Meanwhile on STV, Sky News putting in some good figures, taking 5 of top 6 Foxtel shows. Fox Sports panel shows also doing well.

  5. Married at First Sight continues to dominate.
    Sadly, Bondi Rescue did average numbers on its series return. And not as good as Celebrity’s numbers.

    On a side note, do you know how Studio 10’s numbers are split into 3, do you (or anyone) know roughly what times these ratings are for? Thanks

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