House Rules sale spoils reno secrets

A Sydney house which will feature in the upcoming season of House Rules is already on the market, with post-renovation pictures.

The original two-bedroom home in Tramway Street, Rosebery, had been snapped up by channel Seven in September 2017 for $1.25 million.

It was renovated in just 7 days and is now back on the market with a price guide of $1.6 million.

Photos mean the big reveal is no more for those who care to look, a problem that has occasionally been challenging for The Block in previous years.

It may also raise questions about whether the home is the prime residence of contestants and whether previous rules about blocking immediate sales still applies. But this year Seven has indicated some format variations, so time will tell…

You can see the photos here.


  1. It’s obvious what Ch7 are up too, they need an attractive young couple for Inner city makeover.
    The problem is how many young couples can afford their own home (excluding unit)
    As with all reality shows its about the cast.
    Sorry won’t be watching!!

  2. thedirtydigger

    Anyone who buys a house that was renovated and largely re-built in 7 days has rocks in their heads.
    The bathroom waterproofing alone would have hardly cured.
    I’d love to see the future builder’s insurance claims that come through from those who have bought these “hothouse” renovations and seen the shoddy work come back to haunt them.
    And how will Seven explain away the fact that the house belonged to the Network, not the contestants?
    How does that work in terms of the “competition” rules ?

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