Magazine to reveal Stefanovic conversation

New Idea will reportedly reveal lurid details of the conversation between Peter & Karl Stefanovic.

An interview with the driver is set to detail exchanges surrounding Today colleagues including plus Nine execs and producers.

Showbiz reporter Peter Ford told 6PR,“It will be highly embarrassing for both the Stefanovic brothers….

“They give serves to not only on air talent, including Richard Wilkins & Georgie Gardner, but also to a number of major executives at the Channel Nine network.”

But the story will not quote directly from the rumoured recording, presumably for legal reasons.

“This man must have an extraordinary memory,” Ford noted.

“Either way it will be an ugly week in there at Channel Nine next week.”

New Idea is a Pacific Magazines publication, owned by Seven West Media.


  1. Whether this driver did the wrong thing or not, I’m sooo looking forward to watching channel nine this week. I was watching the Weekend version of the Today show this morning. Not sure if I just imagined it with knowledge of this, but Peter Stephanovic did seem To be extra nice to everyone today. Can’t wait to see how Karl is on Monday. Lol. Don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to seeing Karl on tv. ?

  2. My god is the driver that desperate for money? As for New Idea well the less said the better. But for the first time they have have a story that is true.

    Let that be a lesson peoples. Never have a loud speaker conversation when youi are in a taxi or Uber.

  3. This one is a very interesting story. No Idea can’t publish a transcript of the phone conversations because that would be an admission of illegal recording by the Uber driver. So it’s going with a questionable heresay angle.
    Given their reputation for “fake news” the magazine has given an own goal to the brothers and Nine, who will deny most of the report.
    I would love to know more about Georgie Gardner’s contract, because there were stories that part of her signing relied on assurances that Karl would be moved on within the year.
    Surely it would be difficult for the two to work amiably together after this story.

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