Married at First Sight was practically off the charts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Friday graph, so here’s one courtesy of Nine which shows what a powerhouse Married At First Sight has been.

In addition to its stellar broadcast numbers, it broke through the 300,000 barrier on 9Now and Talking Married gave 9Life its biggest audience.

“This season Married at First Sight has become the national obsession, emerging as a cross-platform juggernaut that owned the conversation.” said Hamish Turner, Nine’s Program Director. “On linear we’ve seen significant growth in raw numbers year-on-year across all the key demos and even higher multiples in the digital space. We saw increased engagement across every platform driven by the truly great content.

Married at First Sight is now the dominant player among the ratings year launch formats,” said Turner. “It has led the national conversation and seen off all challengers, in the process delivering fantastic audience growth for Nine.”

Michael Stephenson, Nine’s Chief Sales Officer, added: “Married at First Sight has always been one of the most demographically pure shows on Australian television. Now not only is it continuing to deliver growth in the audiences that matter to advertisers (25-54s, 16-39s and Grocery Buyers), it is also driving phenomenal digital growth on the back of record-breaking OzTAM VPM figures.”


  1. Putting MAFS obvious commercial success for Channel Nine aside this show or ‘experiment’ would appear to have been perfectly designed for it’s contemporary evening audience, much of it’s theme is shallow and voyeuristic and plainly must have offered enough vicarious moments to spellbind it’s devoted followers, which should pose a few questions about state real life relationships nowadays The conclusion is that the MAFS experiment must have been to develop the viewers own emotional response and not those of the presumably auditioned participants in the show.

  2. Love how they included the Australian Spartan results. It really was a blight on the television landscape. And the geniuses at Seven have decided to give it another crack which will only benefit Bachelor in Paradise and Young Sheldon. 2018 is clearly going to be Nine’s year.

  3. Disgusting. The people who watched this show should be ashamed of themselves. The fact that this show killed Australian Spartan – a hit show in every other country – is one of the lowest points in Australian TV history, and speaks volumes for the general intelligence and basic integrity of the TV viewing public.

    • What a minute….. Hold your horses.
      Spartan is a poor copy of Ninga Warrior. It has poor casting in the hosting department and isn’t very engaging.
      As for MAFS…. how can you stereotype everyone that watched it and comment on their intelligence and integrity…. perhaps you should look at your own.
      Thoroughly enjoyed the show. The people on it knew what they were signing up. Sure there was drama and maybe some of it was manufactured but so what….. it was great to watch…. and the ratings showed that.
      Yes ur entitled to an opinion but don’t put everyone else down cause you didn’t like it

    • Calm down, that’s a big leap connecting intelligence levels with this show. Ridiculous. The situation all couples were in was a unique one and it made for some pretty great television. It was purely a guilty pleasure for many no doubt. I hope I’m not labelled whatever labels come with various shows i enjoy along with MAFS like Q&A, HoC, Black Mirror, W&G, Footy Classified, Divorce, 4Corners, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Detective, AHS, Gogglebox, Broadchurch, Judge Judy, Better Call Saul, Media Watch, The Loop, Extras, GoT, SATC, Neighbours, Forensic Files, Wentworth, Highway Patrol, Pointless, Younger, The Time of Our Lives, Insiders, Orphan Black, Offsiders, RBT, 7 Types of Ambiguity etc. Maybe my intelligence levels at the time change depending on the show? Or maybe we are allowed to have a varied taste in shows we enjoy.

  4. Armchair Analyst

    I am not surprised at these figures or graph. MAFS is a show that is heavily produced. Most episodes contain glasses with wine in them and you know you will get a reaction from people and the action you want when they are under the influence. Thats what makes the show entertaining seeing people freak out on tv. I do think the show is good for Psych students in University. They would be able to learn certain behavioral traits of people when they are in denial, lieing, or when things are not going there way. Ofcourse people like to watch it because the issues are universal and topical. overall its ok for entertainment but the OTT of it all does not appeal to me. i am commenting on it because i have an oppinion.

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