Married split tops Sunday, TEN under 300,000.

Tracey may have finally kicked Dean to the kerb but the real story from Sunday night was the absolutely dismal performance by TEN.

TEN was hemmorhaging viewers in the emergency room, unable to top the 300,000 mark all night. It needed the defibrillator at 7:30pm when All Star Family Feud went into cardiac arrest at just 165,000 viewers.

It was blown out of the water by Married at First Sight at 1.45m viewers, followed by MKR‘s 1.06m and Grand Designs on 613,000.

At 8:40pm 60 Minutes won the slot with 775,000 over Sunday Night and Howard’s Way. NCIS improved for TEN but the damage had been done.

There was also no escaping The Sunday Project at a 2018 low of just 250,000 / 197,000 viewers. TEN’s primary channel was locked in a battle with SBS –Bachelor in Paradise can’t come soon enough. Overall it finished the night with an eponymous 10% share. Ouch.

Nine network won with 35.8% then Seven 31.8%, ABC 16.0%, TEN 10.0% and SBS 6.4%.

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine with 1.45m then Nine News (1.01m), 60 Minutes (775,000) and Weinstein: The Inside Story (354,000).

My Kitchen Rules (1.06m) led for Seven then Seven News (1.02m), Sunday Night (608,000) and Crimes That Shook the World (316,000).

ABC News (738,000), Grand Designs (613,000), Howard’s End (423,000 / 371,000) and a Hard Quiz repeat (117,000) comprised ABC’s night.

TEN could not lift above TEN Eyewitness News at 293,000. Next were NCIS (290,000), The Sunday Project (250,000 / 197,000), Family Feud (191,000), SEAL Team (190,000 / 132,000) and All Star Family Feud (165,000).

On SBS it was That Sugar Film (229,000), Eight Days That Made Rome (153,000), SBS World News (143,000),

7mate movie The Martian topped multichannels at 233,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 18 March 2018.


  1. Ten should take a gamble next year and bring back big brither start it at the end of January run it for 100 days that would take it upto the start of Masterchef

      • Stars become expensive on a very long running show as salaries per ep go up-cheaper to replace them with someone new on a lower fee contract-and David McCallum’s 85 now for the rigours of making a weekly show for half the year.

  2. bettestreep2008

    What was Ten supposed to put up against the dreadful but high rating MAFS? They were going to be hammered no matter what they showed. And although I enjoy the Sunday Project, it is Sunday night and viewers want to watch couples fighting and ‘cooks’ fighting….not the news or feel good stories. I watched All Star Family Feud and it is the sort of show you don’t need to switch your brain on for. It is fluff and forgettable and the perfect show to watch while you are doing other things.

  3. Why do Ten always seem to have 1-2 off weeks between their reality shows? Their hand is forced for the start of I’m A Celebrity, but it’s a live show – the ratings weren’t great, but an extra week this week wouldn’t have hurt? (They are already set up there & costs have already been incurred). It could have been able extended once the Bachelor airdate was confirmed? CBS hurry up with your plans to turn Ten around.

    • It was always due to run between Celeb and Masterchef and frankly I suspect the initial plan was to dovetail from Celeb into Bachelor. But Married is a juggernaut, TEN knows it would be killed in the process, so it had to wait until Sunday, which ironically is out of ratings.

  4. Celebrity Family Feud is getting very tired… Ten are using it too much to plug the holes in their programming, and so viewers are being turned off – I know I am!! I saw the tv guide and literally said “more episodes, are they kidding?”. They need a much better post-Celeb strategy (if it does indeed come back next year) – avoid the two week gap, start something immediately. Family movies would be better – start them at 6:30 (but that of course would get in the way of the Lisa W investment on Sunday Project), or even repeats of sitcoms would be better – do they own old Roseanne? Replay them while waiting for the new one to arrive. There is way too much repetition of their current content now – the new Rove show airs Thursday, and is then already being repeated Saturday at 7:30. Hughesy is the same.

    • not even remotely interested in Rove, he had his time & just isn’t funny anymore, same with Hamish & Andy, were funny once but the audience grows, and the comedy does not. Can’t see it doing well, appreciate them trying new things but essentially its rehashed old shows with new clothes, just wont work. Perhaps a crime/dr drama where the Dr uses his medical know how to solve crimes, don’t think that combo has been tried yet, bob knows every other combo has…

      • A crime fighting middle aged GP from small town, patients with no real medical issues but an unusually high crime rate, tweed jacket & bmw, overly nosey medical secretary…
        oh man this writes itself

  5. ten’s problem is they have a only handful of programs that rate well, batchelor, masterchef, the BBL, but are left will nothing to air the rest of the time, even less now they don’t have the fox deal, ten will probably replay this family feud special over and over like previous specials.

  6. That’s the 2nd 5%+ share for 7mate on a Sunday in a few weeks. Imagine if Seven had been winning, even by the smallest of margins if MKR and other programs were higher. 7mate would’ve pushed the network to a comfortable win. So a bit of a waste in that sense, if that makes sense.

  7. Family Fued needs a stake through it heart – its the vampire of network 10′ lineup sucking viewers away to anything else even remotely interesting. Without its Fox content and Modern Family and with all of its stripped reality franchises misfiring and too broke to afford live sport, the Ten network is “contentless” and a FTA dead man walking…..

    I watched ABC – Grand Designs and the double Howards End were both very good.

  8. All Star Family Feud has never really done well. I don’t understand why they keep producing more eps. Reruns of Bondi Vet would get the same if not more viewers at no cost.

  9. TEN must surely be persisting with their “All Star” Family Feuds because they are the cheapest things they can fill an hour with, other than a test pattern. Where’s their great white knight CBS? Surely CBS has something for them? No?
    Then there was Saturday night when SBS beat TEN and ABC beat TEN by 3x.
    They’re hoping Bachelor in Paradise with be their savior. I hear it’s being sponsored by The Reject Shop.

  10. I was forced to watch family fued n it was very painful .. and even a bit all over the place . I think the boys were confused what tv show were on , a little too excited for excatly what game they were playing

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