Minister complains after Auntie puts the C in ABC

(Very) Coarse language used in ABC comedy draws objections from Mitch Fifield.

Warning: language

The ABC is under fire from the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield after Tonightly with Tom Ballard showed a poster of an Australian Conservatives candidate with the wording “is a c**t.”

The joke from comedian Greg Larsen suggested the electorate of Batman be renamed “Batman is a c**t” due to founder John Batman’s links to the murder of Aboriginal people.

“We cannot shy away from the terrible things he did,” Larsen suggested.

Elaborating on his idea, to feigned objections from Ballard, Larsen showed mock posters of Greens candidate Alex Bhathal & Labor candidate Ged Kearney with the words “Batman is a c**t.”

But for Australian Conservatives candidate Kevin Bailey he noted, “This was an issue because there is no Batman anywhere on that poster, so I’ve had to put ‘Kevin Bailey was a c**t’,” Larsen said.

“Greg that is unacceptable; regardless of what you think of his politics that is completely beyond the ball!” Ballard replied.

Mitch Fifield said in a statement, “Candidates for elected office expect to be criticised and parodied. But this ABC segment clearly crossed a line, particularly given that it was directed towards an individual who has served his nation in uniform.

“Vitriolic abuse of this kind has no place on the national broadcaster and I will be asking the ABC to investigate. The ABC should also immediately offer an unreserved apology to Mr Bailey.”

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has also reportedly written to ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie to complain.

A spokesman for the ABC said: “The ABC will respond to the minister and Senator Bernardi in due course.”

Meanwhile Indigenous comedy Black Comedy has released a promo for its upcoming season, parodying a recent Sunrise segment.

Earlier this week, beloved Aboriginal man Uncle Stevie in a press conference referred to white people as white c**ts,” Nakkiah Lui says, with the swear word censored.

“This has sparked outrage in the white community, with many calling for the removal of his uncle ­status and a public apology.”

Aaron Fao’oso replies, “I know a lot of white people. Warm, kind white people. And I say this with a lot of love, but white people are c**ts.”

Source: The Age, The Australian

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  1. This and the Sunrise segment on Aboriginal children are spawning plenty of parodies – I have to wonder why the executive producers allowed both to go ahead? With regards to Tom’s segment – I don’t think it was appropriate (nor his comments about the Vatican ‘doing it raw to choose a pope’s , but then he is trying to make a point. For such a hard left electorate, why is the name still so historically charged?

  2. The word’s all over the links in Andrew Bolt’s blog which doesn’t seem to have any restrictions and can be accessed any old time of the day.

  3. Programming on commercial networks at least, are instantly given an MA15+ classification with “Very Coarse Language” when this word is uttered.


    1. Do you think shows like Veep and The Thick of It should never be shown cause it drops a few C and F-Bombs, if you open pandora’s box where does it start and end?

      1. I don’t Watch any of those shows so I wouldn’t know… I was always told that the C word was forbidden and should never be spoken. It should’ve at least been censored, as I am of the belief this show is not ‘live’

  4. It was a funny segment with Tom Ballard and Greg Larsen, however, I can also understand the criticism of Mitch Fifield regarding the treatment given towards Kevin Bailey.

      1. You are right, Nathan. And hence… I don’t watch it. My comment was broader than just this show, but about much of the comedy on tv in general. It is really noticeable when you consider the comedy show that relies on wit and talent to create the jokes, and doesn’t need poor vocabulary to cover the lack of wit.

        1. Thanks for the question, a few points. Surprising as it may sound I added as code so I actually wasn’t aware of what the final still was until it was mentioned this morning. For me it was just code. I know you can select a still when you create vision, wasn’t aware you could alter when embedding. I will take a look. I go to a fair bit of trouble to alert wherever possible and I think readers know this (as I did here). But the site does contain Adult content from time to time too. Update: I have moved it down the page so the Warning hits you before the YouTube imagery.

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