Nine denies buying Stefanovic audio

Nine has denied buying the audio tape of a Peter & Karl Stefanovic phone call which has drawn industry chatter this week.

“We have not bought it,” Nine publicity boss Victoria Buchan said.

The Daily Telegraph hints that Pacific Magazines’ New Idea may have purchased the recording, made illegally by an Uber driver last week.

It speculates that Nine execs and producers including Darren Wick, Today‘s Mark Calvert, 60 Minutes‘ Kirsty Thomson and presenter Georgie Gardner come in for discussion.

Nine denied the three executives had been consulted about being named in the recording.

Nine News boss Darren Wick recently told TV Tonight, “Karl is very focussed this year and very much with the show, so that helps. The ensemble is working well.”


  1. What a dumb move by the Uber driver… what good can come of it… I hope he faces the full force of the law… people should feel ok to talk about anything, no matter who they are

  2. “It’s illegal to publish or communicate a private conversation that was listened to or recorded illegally and these recordings may not be used in court proceedings. Get legal advice.” (Legalaid)
    News International 2.0 ?

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