NSW Premier’s Awards 2018: screenwriting finalists

Finalists have been announced for the Betty Roland Prize for Scriptwriting in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

The category is open to a screenplay of a feature-length fiction film, documentary film, play or documentary for radio, or for the script of a television program (whether fiction or non-fiction).

Finalists for 2018 are:

Deep Water: The Real Story written by Amanda Blue and Jacob Hickey (Blackfella Films)
Top of the Lake: China Girl, Series 2 Episode 4 ‘Birthday’ by Jane Campion and Gerard Lee (See-Saw Films)
Seven Types of Ambiguity, Episode 2 ‘Alex’ by Jacquelin Perske (Matchbox Pictures)
Please Like Me, Series 4 Episode 5 ‘Burrito Bowl’ by Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward and Liz Doran (Guesswork TV)
Sweet Country by Steven McGregor and David Tranter (Bunya Productions)

Like the AWGIEs, assessment is made entirely on the literary merit of the written text, and not on the finished product.

The winner, receiving a $30,000 prize, will be announced on April 30.


  1. You may not have the answer, but why is Please Like Me on this list? Burrito Bowl aired in 2016, why is it able to be nominated for 2018 awards?

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