Olivia: trailer

Updated: Cast and trailer revealed for Seven's bio-drama looks promising.

Seven yesterday dropped a trailer for Olivia starring Delta Goodrem which looks pretty impressive.

The costuming and recreations look especially strong… ok aside from Josh Lawson’s wig on Gyton Grantley.

Also good to see we are shortening the title from wordy Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You. As if we could confuse with any other Olivia.…..

Not screening until “After the Commonwealth Games” of course.

Will this be the one to put bio-dramas back in favour? Think so.

Delta Goodrem said, “Olivia influenced my earliest years as an evolving artist and became the backbone of influence to living my life and heart as a proud Australian artist. I aspired to have her grace, humility and talent from the time I started singing.

“I grew up with Olivia’s energy and beautiful voice in my world through her music, and then from an early age I was truly blessed to find friendship and mentorship from Olivia. She is an icon. I am deeply humbled to play my idol and friend, and I am truly excited to share with people a part of Olivia’s life story.”

Seven’s Director of Programming, Angus Ross, said: “We feel very privileged to be able to tell Olivia’s story with a stellar cast of Australian faces that truly do pay homage to the style, poise and flair of this incredibly vibrant era.”

FremantleMedia Australia’s Head of Drama, Jo Porter, added: “To have an actor that understands the music industry inside and out brings a unique perspective to the realization of this remarkable story.”

Delta Goodrem / Olivia Newton-John (from age 22)
Morgan Griffin / Olivia Newton-John (age 16-22)
Kate Jenkinson / Pat Carroll (from age 22)
Georgia Flood / Pat Carroll (from age 16-22)
Robyn Malcolm / Irene Newton-John
Richard Blight / Brinley Newton-John
Todd Lasance / Lee Kramer
Richard Brancatisano / Matt Lattanzi
George Xanthis / John Travolta
Paul David-Goddard / John Farrar (from age 22)
Ben Shumann / John Farrar (age 18)
Diana Glenn / Nancy Chuda
David James / Peter Allen
Lucy Honigman / Helen Reddy
Gyton Grantley / Roger Davies
Hugo Johnstone-Burt / Bruce Welch
Anthony Brandon Wong / Patrick McDermott
Will Ewing / Ian Turpie
Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor / John Easterling
Grant Cartwright / Peter Allen
Alison Bell / Betsy Cox
Lily Jones / Chloe Lattanzi (from 4-9)
Alicia Banit / Chloe Lattanzi (from age 19-20)
Sam Duncan / Johnny O’Keefe


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    1. I never understood how they can make a biopic and just recreate footage from movies and interviews?
      It would make more sense to make a documentary and use real footage. They would save all that wig money, mind you, not much you can do with $5 these days!

  1. I’m certainly willing to give it a go. The trailer is not as bad as some have said it was, in my opinion. My love affair with pop music started as ‘I honestly love you’ was a hit in 1974 so I literally grew up watching and hearing Olivia. She is such a huge name and persona that it is impossible to tick every box in every way on her story without it being a doco. I pick and choose which bio pics i view that are made here. I enjoyed the Molly one; less so the Peter Allen one but they both offered some stuff i didn’t previously know about the subject so its always worth a peek.

  2. Why is poor Olivia forever to be defined by the ten-minute final scene of Grease? Yes, it is a catchy tune, but the story is that “Sandy” betrays who she really is, for the sake of a man who doesn’t really suit her. Not feminism’s best moment.

    Olivia was so much more than just Sandy, and the trailer doesn’t give much hope that the show will do justice to her. The John Travolta character also looks completely wrong – and he is another very talented, versatile actor who is probably unportrayable by anyone else.

  3. Like most of the recent ‘bio-pics’ (especially the Easybeats one) it will be full of inaccuracies. have also seen the trailer and thought it was cringe worthy and a bad choice of Delta to play ONJ…..in case you are wondering, I wont be watching it either.

  4. Christie Whelan Brown was convincing as Onj in the Peter Allen bio, i feel she would have been alot more suitable replicating the role in this than Delta will be. Is it my imagination or do i remember reading she was the original pick for the role in this too?

  5. Will it culminate in a scene at the ARIAs from that year when Olivia was sitting next to a young Delta, with Delta playing Olivia and someone else playing Delta? Like a kind of Inception moment? That would be cool.

  6. i love Delta i really do, but looking at that trailer i see Delta not Olivia. sets look great… almost as good as the Packer cricket one from a few years back… both good Aussie stories… so should be either way, how many weeks is it over.

  7. That 2.2m for Molly (Part 1 – 5 city metro consolidated), top non-news 2016, seems so longgggg ago.

    I hope so too, looks really good. Been waiting over a year for it! Awks though for Seven vs Nine (i.e.) The Voice.

    1. Agreed, it looks awful, cheap, rushed, bad acting, ridiculous wigs. I also see Delta & not Onj, i think the key to any good bio is to have the leads played by actors who aren’t too well onown that their star outshines the person their portraying.

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