Renewed: Black Mirror

Dark anthology series Black Mirror will be back for more.

Netflix has confirmed the series by Charlie Brooker will return for a fifth season.

The news was posted in a teaser through social media, and follows the fourth season dropped in December.

A premiere date and episode number are yet to be announced.


  1. Black Mirror certainly is dark, the creative input and production quality is quite high and with some episodes being recognisably British in style but I must confess I felt the need to fast forward on occasion as the show seemed too long to come to its conclusion.

    • Completely agree, it sets up the premise which is often clever then draws it out and hammers it into the ground and not really have much of an actual story. I often feel like they could all be 5-10mins long really. Handmaid’s Tale is a good example of how you set up a dystopia premise but it is then the story keeps you engaged

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