Returning: Bondi Rescue

Bondi Rescue returns for an impressive 13th season later this month.

The show returns on Tuesday March 13 with a double episode. The finale for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will take place the previous night, Monday March 12 with 3 celebs left standing.

Drama is never too far away on Australia’s busiest beach and in this intense one hour season return, the Bondi Lifeguards are sent straight into action.

Jessie rescues an American tourist from relatively calm waters, which results in a CPR effort from not just the Lifeguards but also paramedics and the Jewish Medical Response team. With his wife standing by, it will take all of their efforts to bring him back from the brink.

The team take the beach buggy into the streets as they chase down an aggressive beachgoer wielding a knife and two new Lifeguards, Boo and Lachie, join the team.

7:30pm Tuesday March 13 on TEN.


  1. Rescue, rescue, rescue ad infinitum. Yawn. Meanwhile Bondi’s world-famous tourism attractions and the outdoor gym are ignored. No wonder ratings for this show are so poor. I confidently predict that this will be its last season unless they stop the monotony of showing the same old shots of rescues all the time.

    • I think you don’t fully grasp the concept of the show’s title/concept maybe? I think they show the ‘world famous tourist attraction’ aka the beach… quite regularly? the outdoor gym… Oh dear..

      • This show is a repetitive bore. Monotonous rescues over and over. The GoPro on the rescue board might have been a novelty several seasons ago, it is just boring now showing the same thing over and over. Then there is the blokey self-promotion of “Hoppo” and the rest who have desperately tried to become celebs and Aussie characters. It is pathetic and CBS should sweep this drivel out the back door after this season is shown.

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