Returning: Sneaky Pete

US crime drama starring Giovanni Ribisi returns to Amazon.

Season 2 of US crime drama Sneaky Pete starring Giovanni Ribisi begins on Amazon Prime Video next week, same day as the US.

In the new season, Marius is on the verge of starting fresh, when two thugs, believing he is Pete, threaten to kill the family unless he takes them to Pete’s mother Maggie (Jane Adams, Twin Peaks) to recover the millions she stole from the thugs’ mysterious employer. Now Marius must tread a dangerous line to find the elusive Maggie, protect the family, and keep up the Pete con, all while finagling a way to ditch the thugs and keep the money for himself.

Sneaky Pete stars Giovanni Ribisi (Marius/Pete), Marin Ireland (Julia Bowman), Shane McRae (Taylor Bowman), Libe Barer (Carly Bowman), Michael Drayer (Eddie Josipovic), Peter Gerety (Otto Bernhardt) and Margo Martindale (Audrey Bernhardt). The series was created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore, with Graham Yost, James Degus, Michael Dinner, Fred Golan and Seth Gordon executive producing.

Friday March 9 on Amazon.

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