Sunday Night: Mar 25

On Sunday Night, the mother who was jailed after a custody battle, opioid addiction and motocross star Andy Hensel.

The Fugitive
For 20 years, Lee Barnett was on the run from police, a wanted woman. Caught up in a fierce custody battle, she kidnapped her baby daughter and fled the US, criss-crossing three continents to evade capture. Lee finally settled on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and got on with her life until the FBI turned up on her doorstep. Now, for the first time since being released from prison, Lee is able to tell the full story of her life as a fugitive – a secret hidden from even her own children. But that story is far from over. Lee is now campaigning to be reunited with her children in Australia.

From the outside looking in, rugby league legend Matt Cooper has it all – a beautiful wife, two healthy girls, a luxurious home and a place in Australian sporting history. But until recently, Matt had a dark secret – a secret that almost cost him everything. He was hiding a severe addiction to prescription drugs. Opioid addiction doesn’t discriminate, hundreds of Australians die every year, and thousands more are hopelessly hooked on strong pain killers. From superstars like actor Heath Ledger to everyday mums. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen presents this special health report.

Reach for the Sky
Andy Hensel was a high-flying freestyle motocross star, fearless and always up for a challenge. But six years ago, his dream run came to a tragic end. Andy took off up a ramp hurtling more than 20 metres in the air, and missed the landing. He crashed the bike, broke his back and crushed his spinal cord. The accident left him a paraplegic. Enough, you’d think, to ground him forever. Not Andy. Sunday Night is there as he bravely attempts to fly again.

Sunday at 8.45pm on Seven.

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