TV Week: “It’s up to the networks”

Networks are capped at how many names they can submit in each category.

TV Week has reiterated the list of TV stars and shows up for consideration in the Logie Awards comes down to names put forward by networks.

Networks can submit 10 names each for Most Popular Actor & Actress categories, 15 for Most Popular Presenter and 5 for Most Popular Drama.

A spokesperson told TV Tonight, “It is up to the networks to submit the talent they feel is most deserving of an award.

“Each network works to a set number of entries per category and every year we have programs or talent that do not make the final shortlist.”

This year’s list sees some stark omissions including Craig MacLachlan, Anh Do, Sarah Harris, Toni Collette, Lee Lin Chin and John Clarke in his final screen performance. Some shows which have not yet premiered have been listed, due to the extended closing date of March 31st.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries has been shunted from Most Popular Drama despite the telemovie being the highest-rating local drama in 2017.

Social media has been lighting up with angry and confused fan reactions at omissions, particularly around Craig McLachlan.

TV Week does not offer an “Other” option.

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  1. With the awards moving cities maybe it’s time for someone else to run the awards. TV Week clearly aren’t up to the task of running a fair competition. Maybe the networks could set up a Logies org who run the voting part of the awards and a website that allows viewers to select from all the personalities in the given category.

    1. The Logies are TV Week property. And any other attempt to launch a rival TV awards has not worked well. Remember the Sammys, the Penguins, the People’s Choice Awards? And the jury’s still out on the AACTAs

  2. We know it’s up to the networks, TV Week. We get that. But why is the limit of candidates set so low? Is it so hard to say allow networks to submit more names. It can’t be that much of a technical feat? Clearly the current limits are insufficient. Because when you see some of the names that have been omitted there are some big names there, it’s not like they’re bit players that have been left off.

    Always a supporter of the Logies despite its often obvious flaws, but it just puzzles me that they do some of the things that they do

    1. Agree 100%. This has to be fixed – and soon. We used to be able to nominate anyone electronically, can’t see why we cant now. It has to be one to anyone who’s appeared on TV.

      For the first time in prob 20 years, I’m not voting this year. The timing [ie: some show’s not even aired yet] and the ongoing “exclusions” do not make these a pure public / popularity vote.

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