“Unacceptable way to speak about women”

Julia Morris last night took issue with a comment made on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here by Peter Rowsthorn.

It followed a scene in which boxer Danny Green and comedian Rowsthorn were privately complaining about Jackie Gillies. As the stress increases ahead of Monday’s finale, rivalries have emerged, notably between Green and Gillies.

As Rowsthorn and Green were walking back to camp and they neared Gillies, Rowsthorn could be heard to say “Ah there’s shit face.”

It was an incredibly disappointing comment from the Kath & Kim star who has enjoyed popular feedback on social media.

Green added, “Since I’ve been in Africa I reckon I’ve met the most unintelligent person in the entire world.”

Julia Morris quickly weighed in, “Unacceptable way to speak about women…. but I’m remaining neutral.”

It was a stern slapdown from Morris, who reminded us why she is perfect for the role.

But it wasn’t enough to save Gillies who was voted out by viewers, leaving just 6 in the camp.

Quizzed by Morris and Chris Brown on the recent rivalry with Green, Gillies said, “I heard that he didn’t want me in the camp. He wanted me voted out. That kind of hurt.

“I didn’t understand where it was coming from.”

“There were times I did feel intimidated,” she said.

“Did you feel scared of him?” Julia Morris asked.

“Intimidated, yes,” she replied.

“Yeah, well that’s not on, Morris added.

Gillies also donated $25,000 from her own savings to her charity Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

Former Celebrity contestant Anthony Mundine also came under fire for his comments surrounding homosexuality, although they were comments in the press, whilst David Oldfield was admonished for his comments around Aboriginal history.

Updated: Rowsthorn has since told the Daily Telegraph, “‘I said something dumb in the midst of it. The first thing I will do is find Jackie and tell her I didn’t mean that, I was just venting — we are all venting.”


  1. While everyone seems to be getting their nickers in a knot about this, it might be worth considering the fact that all these “celebs” are living in each other’s pockets, with little privacy, plus they are uncomfortable, and hungry and missing their families. This creates a pressure cooker of feelings and emotions, and people are more likely to be crotchety and blow things out of proportion! So sit back in your comfy chairs – and Julia, relax in your comfy hotel suite – and give these people a freakin’ break!

  2. David Knox “But that overlooks evidence which is that men are overwhelmingly perpetrators”

    I think that’s an unfair generalisation and harsh towards men. Does one bad apple really spoil the whole bunch?

  3. This isn’t the first really derogatory comment Pete and Danny have made about Jackie.
    On Sunday’s show they were speculating about who would be in the top 3 and Danny was joking about the possibility of Peter being stuck with Jackie in the top 2. Pete said “Kill me now !” They then referred to her as “it” a number of times, commenting that after the show finished, thank god they would never have to see or look at “it” again.
    Really nasty ! Yes,Jackie is annoying but no-one deserves to be referred to as it.
    I was really shocked and disappointed, especially in Peter, as he has come across as a really nice person up until now and I had hoped he would win Celeb this year.
    I ‘m having second thoughts now.

  4. Greens’ comment was not about gender or women, it was in regards to a person’s character.
    Why is it an “Unacceptable way to speak about women” and not an “Unacceptable way to speak about a person” ?

    Maybe jump on the #Time’sUp bandwagon and drum up some publicity to try and help flagging ratings ? Mission accomplished.

    Just my cynical two cents worth.

    • jezza the first original one

      I agree, the comments were gender neutral, whereas Julia’s biased comments were discriminatory. Like Vicki said, not everyone likes peaches (I think), some folk just won’t gel and it’s magnified in such an enclosed environment. Comments will be made that just aint great. Look at the drama Jackie caused when cooking a meal, even her fellow cooks found her annoying….ftr..I thought she was ok most of the time

      • I agree with both of you, they weren’t targeted at Jackie’s gender, but her personality. I’m very disappointed in Julia for making it into something it wasn’t. Maybe it is just an attempt at getting the show some news time, regardless of the reasoning behind the comment my opinion of Julia has dropped a little because of it.

    • Julia should have said “That’s an unacceptable way to speak about another contestant.” Why make it about gender? Some people just don’t get along – it’s not always about gender!

  5. Are these comments from the same Julia Morris that has spent the last few years oversexualising her male co-host based on his looks? A bit rich for me…

    • Fair enough. I do think context is important though. Morris uses comedy, Rowsthorn did not. Brown also plays along with her schtick, I doubt Jackie Gillies would have received this comment in the same way.

      • I’m with markyboy. There seems to be a double standard in general. Women tend to be able to get away by making derogatory jokes/comments about men and that’s my personal opinion. I watched this episode and maybe Peter was also joking (just like the hundred times in the past that Julia had been oversexualising her co-host). Even as a joke, I don’t think it is acceptable for anyone (both men and women) unless you are really best mates.

        • Nah, Julia and Chris’s act is that Chris is a bit of a male bimbo at times and Julia goes along with that. They’re playing a role and at times ad-libbing their lines due to familiarity with each other.

          Pete’s behaviour really surprised me. It’s not really him playing a role. I can only think he did it because of the company he was with, as a way to impress him of sorts. I can not imagine he would have said it if he were with anyone else but Danny.

          • The thing is though, flip the genders and how long would it last if an older male host was constantly fake drooling over and sexualising a “blonde bimbo” younger female co host? About 2 minutes of night one, season one. I know it’s playing a role and i actually like their banter and chemistry though. Just some double standards exist that don’t allow the reverse to happen.

          • But that overlooks evidence which is that men are overwhelmingly perpetrators. This point is lacking where people suggest men could never get away with similar comments. In Julia’s case she uses humour. Where men drool it usually has a different intent….

          • “Unacceptable way to speak about women” – where was Julia Morris when Pete was sitting in front of her? If she felt as strongly as David Knox, then she should have raised this with him.

      • The “uses humour/comedy” comeback doesn’t fly with me. Firstly, comedy is subjective; what is funny for one person is not for another. As an analogy, when Sam Newman paints himself black, is that also an attempt at comedy? I know it’s a different example, but if Julia is going to judge and specifically use the word “women” in that context, then she is almost as guilty herself. If she had just said that it is “an unacceptable way to speak to another human”, then no-one would have an issue with it. Then again, if she had said that there wouldn’t be stories and a chance at increased ratings.

  6. “Did you feel scared of him?” Julia Morris asked.
    I’ll admit I don’t watch the series, I have better things to do with my time, and I could be taking this out of context but that question from Julia is loaded. For someone (Danny) who advocates against violence, especially his “One Punch Campaign” it’s sad that Julia has planted a seed of thought there.

  7. That really surprised me from Pete – to be honest, I had him picked as a potential winner, and I’m not sure I still want that after that whole conversation with Danny Green – the whole tone of it was really rude and just not on…IMHO, for what it’s worth!!

    • Yeah, I was really surprised to see that come from Peter too. Part of me feels like he said it as some sort of way to gain acceptance from Danny? Like I can’t imagine him saying it if was say Paul or Shannon he was walking with. Actually bummer that Paul isn’t there anymore as I feel he had a somewhat calming influence on the camp.

  8. If these comments were so horrible, then why did Ten play them?
    It’s been really obvious in the last few nights, based on what has been shown on Ten, that they want Gillies and Green to go. The other contestants have barely had a look in.

    • This is a fair but tricky question. Broadly speaking a Reality producer will tell you the genre is supposed to show warts and all, however editing sways the narrative all the time. Networks must also carry responsibility for responsible broadcasting so I don’t think there is any one-answer-fits-all. A case by case situation.

  9. Julia Morris quickly weighed in, “Unacceptable way to speak about women…. but I’m remaining neutral.”

    Oh right, “neutral”, eh Julia? Other than jumping on the bandwagon of the moment, of course. I would’ve thought that was a fairly offensive way to talk about *anyone*. Surely their gender would be irrelevant?

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