Vale: Peter Temple

Author Peter Temple, who created Jack Irish, has died aged 71.

He died following a battle with cancer, in Ballarat.

Bad Debts was Peter Temple’s first foray into crime writing and was later adapted into the ABC’s, Jack Irish, based on the series’ private investigator.

Producer Ian Collie worked with Temple to produce the series for television.

“Sometimes crime shows tend to get a little procedural, a bit formulaic,” Collie said.

“What I love about Peter’s [work] is there’s a lot more energy and warmth and humour to it.

“He just gets into the Australian male psyche so well, and the colloquialisms, without ever feeling forced or laboured.”

Louise Thurtell, a young publisher at Harper Collins in 1995, when a manuscript in her favourite genre came across her Sydney desk.

“When Jack’s talking, you pay attention to everything he says — he’s got that mordant wit,” Ms Thurtell said.

“You don’t even have to play with the dialogue for the screen, because he so captures people’s natural way of speaking.”

Source: ABC

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  1. Maev....Sydney

    Not young..but not old either…rotten cancer….nice tweet from Guy Pearce…
    I believe he came to writing later in life…around 50….Respect.

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