We got Eurovision, We Got Love.

SBS has officially released We Got Love, the song Jessica Mauboy will take to the Eurovision Song Contest.

The event in Portugal in May marks Mauboy’s second Eurovision appearance, but her first time competing, after her 2014 performance as a guest performer.

We Got Love begins quietly before bursting to life with an infectious chorus about love overcoming all obstacles. Together with Mauboy’s natural joy and strong vocals it should prove a stronger entry than Isaiah’s 2017 Don’t Come Easy.

“I love the Eurovision Song Contest. I have since I was a little girl watching it with the family in Darwin,” Mauboy said. “I wanted to write a song that captured that instinctive sense of joy of how a great song can change the darkest of moods into happiness. We Got Love is also about how music can lift the human spirit. You can always rise above in the hardest times with something as simple as a great song.

Eurovision, to me, is people brought together through a real love of music and all the joy that music can bring. I can’t wait to perform this song live in Portugal and see it connect with a global audience at such a special time.”

The song was co-written with DNA’s David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii who penned Dami Im’s ‘Sound Of Silence’ and Isaiah’s ‘Don’t Come Easy.’ It leaked earlier this week before being pulled offline by Sony, but the move may have helped create some early buzz.

“Especially in times like these where the world can be a very confusing and lonely place, it’s important to remember when we feel disarmed of empowerment that we still hold the greatest chance for change with love,” the duo said.

Michael Ebeid, SBS Managing Director said, “SBS has been bringing Eurovision to Australians for 35 years, but Jessica introduced homegrown talent to the world stage in 2014 when she became the first non-European solo artist to perform. She wowed the global audience and showcased what Australia is made of – and SBS is thrilled to invite her back to compete for Eurovision glory this year.

“At the heart of Eurovision is a celebration of diversity through music – a universal language that transcends culture – and #We Got Love really resonates as a song about overcoming barriers and bringing people together.”

Paul Clarke, Australian Head of Delegation and Director of Blink TV, said: “From the first time we took Jessica to Eurovision, we really hoped we could return with her to compete. #We Got Love is the culmination of that four year plan, and the song so fits her beautiful soul voice. It’s a song of belief and overcoming the status quo, and I love the passion of it. I’m sure it will lift your heart. We hope you all love it and hope Europe gets behind Jessica and #We Got Love.”

So far Australia is yet to rank outside the Top 10. Fingers crossed for Portugal.

Eurovision will air on SBS from May 9 to 13.


  1. Great song. Reckon she’s got a legit chance at winning. But geez someone went a bit overboard on the airbrushing in that promo pic!

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