Winter Paralympics 2018: guide

Seven’s coverage of the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics begins today at 11am on 7mate.

Australia will compete in alpine skiing and snowboarding events.

A one hour highlights package airs daily at 11am on 7mate, with replays at 11:30pm on 7TWO and late nights on Seven each day. There are no Seven commentators attached to this.

7plus will also stream the package.

Events continue until March 18.

APC President Glenn Tasker said: “Seven did an outstanding job in broadcasting the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and we’re very excited to have their full support once again as we work towards sharing the stories and successes of Australia’s Paralympic Winter athletes at the PyeongChang 2018 Games.

“We’re grateful for Seven Network’s commitment to Paralympic sport and for their pursuit to embrace the values of the Paralympic movement across their organisation at all levels.

“The APC believes it is a partnership that can make a truly meaningful impact for Australians with a disability and can positively shape perception of people with disabilities within the Australian community.”


  1. Coverage? What coverage? I was super disappointed when I couldn’t find the Opening Ceremony on one of the multichannels last week and the absence since then of any of the events is a slap in the face for our Paralympians and for all Australians who like to see our country succeed on the world stage.

  2. This is not Channel 7 giving full support to the Paralympics, 1 hour of highlights in the middle of the day and the middle of the night is actually pretty dis-respectful to our Paralympians. I wouldn’t expect the basically 24/7 level of coverage that the Winter Olympics got, but surely Channel 7 could do much better than this.

  3. why is the paraolympics on 7mate and not on the main 7 channel.
    did anybody really know the paraolypmics were even on.
    it needs to be on more, instead of only a few hours.

  4. The coverage of the Paralympics games is extremely poor given the extensive coverage of the recent Olympics in Korea. Not even a highlights package each night at a more comfortable hour for all to see these champions. Very biased.

  5. Are you kidding me, their also need to be show as well, just like other Olympic or other sport and is not just a hightlight for one hour. That seem Aussie is not be treat even to those people. As we are all in one country and no matter where we come from normal ot not normal we all need to be trear equally and always behind them cheer them because is not that easy to work this hard and be proud to be in a team to represent for Australia we all should appreciate it and support them and by doing that we should show just like other Olympic full coverage. Its also help for our chidlrens to understand that people who had disability can also do what normal people do. Hope that next time please at less make so effort. I mean you can use app or others but still some people would like to watch on TV. The thing about this day that is there so many Technology that they forgot about…

  6. It does seem a pretty poor effort – given Seven have the Aussie rights, surely they could have done more with live streaming much/all of the various feeds, even if they didn’t send their own team (commentators, hosts, etc.) One hour highlights package not impressive.

  7. A daily one-hour highlights package on Seven is simply not good enough, given overseas broadcasters like Channel 4 UK, NBC, CBC and even TVNZ has extended live coverage during each day of the Paralympic Winter Games. Seven should use 7plus to stream live events and the closing ceremony, otherwise it should allow viewers to watch the world feed on YouTube or on the official Games website.

    • I Totally agree with you-Time is Up for Paralympic athletes not to receive the same coverage on TV as their able bodied counterparts. A 1 hour highlights package is totally unacceptable, and an insult to our paralympians. I thought Australia was a progressive country, and one of the countries that shows the world what equality, inclusion and acceptance looks like. Shame on channel 7!!! Why couldn’t they have kept the Winter Olympics app going and covered live events on the app, rather than converting it to the Commonwealth Games app, over a month out from the comm. Games-especially if air time on their multiple channels, was at a premium. Channel 7 has multiple free to air channels available-I cannot understand why all Paralympic events in PyongChang can’t be covered by them-especially when there is so much garbage that is on in these channels now. What makes it even worse, is that we…

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