60 Minutes reveals sheep export horror

Horrifying footage of sheep exports filmed by Animals Australia aired last night on 60 Minutes, shocking viewers with the level of animal cruelty.

Whistleblower navigation officer Faisal Ullah told 60 Minutes he could not stay silent over the squalid conditions aboard multiple voyages from Australia to the Middle East.

“I have seen a lot of little young lambs die — they’ve been crushed under the feet of other animals,” he said. “It’s so distressing.”

On social media viewers were unanimous in their outrage over the distressing scenes. Animals Australia has a petition calling to end live animal exports.

The Emanuel Exports ship, scheduled to travel from Western Australia to the Middle East carrying 65,000 live sheep and 250 cattle, will be blocked from leaving Australia if the export company fails to meet strict new conditions by tomorrow.

A protest rally will also be held at midday today at Emanuel Exports’ Head Office in Perth.

Warning: Confronting uncut vision on YouTube.

Federal Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said the conditions were “bullshit” and the vision “disturbed me greatly.”

Source: News Corp


  1. Exposure of industry cruelty such as live exports are the result of hard working whistleblowers such as Faisal Ullah, Animal’s Australia and 60 Minutes. The suffering endured by these animals is unfathomable. Death would bring a welcome relief. I am deeply ashamed to be a citizen of a country that allows this to happen.

  2. The live export trade needs to Stop! These gentle animals suffer on the voyage and then they face unspeakable horror when they finally reach their destination – stuffed in car boots and crudely slaughtered 😢

  3. Ursula Anderson

    In any religion animal cruelty is not acceptable. Do you really want to eat meat from a stressed half way dead animal? This should be Noahs ark and not sheepaucaust. To the horse racing big boss! Get off your high horse and bunk with all the sheep on a cruise into death!

  4. Absolutely disgusted and saddened by the treatment of these poor creatures. I wish the Government would just ban live exports completely. Even if regulations are adhered to, it is still very cruel.

  5. I have a dream – to round up those apathetic creatures responsible for such horrendous suffering as that which was endured by those poor animals unfortunate enough to sail on “The Ship from Hell” and bestow the same journey upon them to see how, even if they emerge from the depths of doom at the other end – outrageous ! Where is the respect for our hardworking farmers and their families, seemingly, endlessly forever in the sights of the Government (alongside the Pensioners) but way more to the point, exactly where are the Politicians supposedly held to answer for such atrocious shipping conditions even being made possible – out to lunch again, rack of lamb maybe – served rare of course !

    Suzanne O’Malley

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