A Countdown revival? Not yet Molly….

Molly talks up an all-new Countdown with younger presenters. But it may be wishful thinking.

Molly Meldrum speaks for us all, pretty much, when he hopes a Live music show might make its way back to television.

This week he told Studio 10 ABC is very keen to revive Countdown.

“There is a possibility there will be a new Countdown, all young performers, all young presenters,” he said.

“Hopefully in the same timeslot 6-7 Sunday nights, repeated on the Saturday.

“I think we need it.”

But music shows don’t come cheap.  ABC sources tell TV Tonight while the New Year’s Eve concert showed there was an appetite for Live music there are sadly no concrete plans for a Countdown revival.

Hopefully another NYE concert if ABC gets the contract again?

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  1. Interestingly, last year the BBC started a new weekly live music show called ‘Sounds like Friday night.’ It’s coming back for a 2nd season I believe this year. If it works in the UK, it may encourage the ABC to bring a show like Countdown back.

  2. It won’t happen. You’re talking about an era where young people have multiple devices and can see any music video they want at the click of a mouse, not when Molly dictates they can see it (if he does decide to screen it).

    1. You are so Right Veritas,i remember back in the 70’s we were so starved for rock shows,that is one of the reasons Countdown was a huge success,fast forward to 2018 and like you say its available at the click of a mouse,somehow i think this generation prefers it this way.

  3. Live concerts are something that’s severely lacking on TV. Surely with all the international artists that come out here for sold out performances in front of big stadiums a commercial network should have enough brains to work out there is great demand for live performances on TV and considering the huge amount of promotion and coverage these concerts get on various news programs its a no brainer.

  4. Wasn’t really ‘live’ at the time-miming anyone?, and kids are used to being able to access music and videos any time they like, wherever they like-not sure what MM thinks the audience would be.

  5. I think it would be good for the industry to have a programme like this again. A lot of Aussie artists are floundering or using the overseas market to try and stay in the game.

  6. If the ABC were smart, they could use such a show to spearhead a 24/7 linear streaming TV channel. The ABC Archives are awash with around 50 years worth of music television content. And possibly migrate rage across as well. Like I said, if the ABC was smart.

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