ABC at fault in Home Delivery distress

The ABC is pointing the finger at the Daily Telegraph for “sensationalising” an episode of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, but failing to acknowledge its own part in the saga.

On the weekend Rebecca Gibney expressed her outrage over an “unauthorised press release” led to a story in the newspaper, focussing on historic abuse in her family. She was distressed by the headline and tone of the story, noting she was yet to see the episode.

This week an ABC spokesperson said, “Last week the ABC released standard publicity material regarding the return of three popular ABC programmes: Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, Gruen and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

“The media release referred to guests on the new series of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, including actor Rebecca Gibney. The ABC did not provide any information to media about the content of the episode or the matters discussed by Ms Gibney in the program.

“The ABC is disappointed The Daily Telegraph has sensationalised matters of a sensitive nature to Ms Gibney, causing undue distress to Ms Gibney and her family.”

But that only refers to one press release outlining ABC’s comedy Wednesday line-up.

ABC did provide the entire synopsis to media in early April via its media hub for journalists.

It has remained available for media to read all week, yesterday having a May 2 embargo belatedly slapped on it. TV Tonight published an extract on April 4 (without the offending para).

ABC is yet to adequately explain why the synopsis was released without producers CJZ and Gibney’s approval, and why it is hopelessly blaming the newspaper for its own Publicity mess.

Given the sensitivities involved, it now surely owes her a most public apology.

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  1. Maev....Sydney

    Repercussion could take the form of others being reticent to appear on the series…which would be an awful shame…it is such a good show…and Julie is good at what she does…
    I enjoy both Julia and Jane Hutcheon (One Plus One)….they bring out the best in their guests…

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