Airdate: Back with the Ex

Seven reality series with former couples attempting to rekindle romance begins next week.

Upcoming Seven reality series Back with the Ex will screen on Wednesday nights from next week.

The series sees former couples attempting to rekindle their romance -or at least, 4 singles attempting to woo back an ex-partner. Presumably both have agreed to participate in the series.

Seven hints that “By the end of it all, two couples will stay together, one couple will split and one you’ll have to see to believe…”

Back with the Ex is an original format from Seven Studios.

What happens if the love of your life was the one that got away? In the ultimate second chance at love, Back with the Ex follows four brave singles as they put their hearts on the line to reunite with the ex they’ve never forgotten.

The former couples will turn back time and revisit every aspect of their relationship in a final bid to find out if their ex was the right one for them after all.

What they don’t know is if their ex feels the same way about them. Will the sparks reignite when they go on romantic heart-felt dates? Or will the reality fall short And what will happen when they move into each other’s homes…and face the wrath of their ex’s family and friends!

Trust will also be put to the test when they confess their deepest darkest secrets to each other. At the end of this emotionally charged reality series, the four ex-couples will travel to some of the most romantic places in the world to make the final life changing decision. Will they recommit for life? Or walk away from each other for good.

Each of these couples – all exes – are about to get a second chance at love.
Jeremy & Meg – After dating on and off for seven years, they split four years ago when Jeremy travelled the world.
Peter & Diane – The pair enjoyed a long-distance relationship 28 years ago but living on opposite ends of the world eventually tore them apart.
Erik & Lauren- After breaking up repeatedly during their six-year relationship, they finally called it quits six years ago.
Kate & Cam– The former high school sweethearts said goodbye three years ago after Kate cheated.
Was their first love the one that truly got away?

9pm Wednesday April 18 on Seven.

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  1. I seriously question the motive behind all these willing participants of dating shows. Is it really for love or for attention? Probably the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get the attention of the nation than their instagram!

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