Airdate: Interview

Andrew Denton makes his return to television next Tuesday.

Andrew Denton makes his return to television next week with his new Seven series, Interview.

His last series was ABC’s short-lived panel series, Randling.

Filming took place last night at Eveleigh and Denton is meeting with media today.

In 2018, Andrew Denton will make his long-awaited return to Seven in a show based mostly on chairs. Australia’s shortest (some would say greatest) interviewer will sit opposite a range of fascinating people and try to find out what makes them tick. The formula will be simple. Two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks. Even its title will be simple. Interview. The only complex bit will be the people Andrew talks to – every possible kind of human being and a few impossible ones as well. Topical when it needs to be, timeless whenever it can, Interview aims to be about light, not heat. In a time when everything seems to be splitting apart, Interview will seek out what binds us. There will be talking. There will be listening. There will be laughing, and hopefully the occasional, compelling silence. And if that doesn’t work, there’ll be a bathroom renovation. Possibly some blindfolded dating. And as a last resort, some kind of mystery food challenge (Surprise! It’s an eggplant!). Interview. Every week, amazing humans. Interview with Andrew Denton will be produced by Legacy Media for Channel Seven.

9pm Tuesday April 17 on Seven.

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  1. i think it could be similar to Enough Rope. Looking forward to it though, i wonder if Seven will limit his subject matter? I always enjoy his interview style. Hopefully this lasts longer than Ben Elton’s show on Nine did. I know they are different shows but seemingly these types of hosts dont last long on commercial tv. probably too high brow.

  2. What a shame its in at 9pm…must be after MKR I’m assuming. You would think they would edit MKR to 60 minutes…surely that is enough air time? Give Denton an 8.3 time slot….these reality stars get so much air time each week!

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