Airdate: Robot Combat League

7mate will air US entertainment series Robot Combat League.

Not to be confused with UK’s Robot Wars, this is hosted by wrestler Chris Jericho.

This is a dated series which had one season in 2013 for Syfy.

Twelve teams! $100,000 on the line! It’s time to kick off Robot Combat League! Host Chris Jericho welcomes the 24 people competing for the season’s top prize, and he sums up things quite nicely: “You’re all about to become superhuman.” In teams of two — one Tech, one Jockey — the contestants will control state-of-the art fighting machines. Robot expert Mark Setrakian is on hand to make sure the robots are working at peak capability, but it’s up to the teams to make them fight.

7:30pm 26 April on 7mate

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