Aussies join Gold Coast edition of Geordie Shore

TV is not done with the Gold Coast just yet, as Aussies join Brits in party-mode.

Four Australians have joined Season 17 of MTV’s Geordie Shore, filmed on the Gold Coast.

They are: Nick Murdoch, Chrysten Zenoni, Dee Nguyen & Alex Macpherson (pictured L to R).

This is the second time the UK reality series had filmed in Australia, previously in Sydney.

The word thong may have a completely different meaning in Australia, but there is one thing this lot have in common, they know how to party! And from their first day in town The Goldies set out to show The Geordies, Chloe Ferry, Sam Gowland, Sophie Kasaei, Nathan Henry, Abbie Holborn, newcomers Adam Guthrie and Grant Molloy, along with original radgie Holly Hogan exactly how we Aussies party down under.

Filmed on the Gold Coast, Geordie Shore Season 17 sees the Geordies and the Goldies join forces to paint the town red. Can the Aussies out party the Poms? Will there be international flings? Are things really hotter Down Under? All will be revealed this season.

Nick Murdoch, 22.
Nick is his own biggest fan and rates himself a solid nine out of ten, but what will our Geordie lasses rate him when they see him in action?

The 22-year-old Aussie likes to prep for a night out with a bit of ‘manscaping and a blow dry’ to ensure he’s looking tip top for any ladies that come his way. So it sounds like he’ll have no trouble bonding with our Geordies over a good grooming.

The Gold Coaster went to an all boys school growing up but don’t let that fool you. This Aussie learned how to charm the chicks through living in a house full of women and he fully intends on using this to his advantage.

Nick’s ideal night starts with the lads and ends with a lass, but will this aspiring actor be able to give an Oscar winning performance in the ‘shag pad’?

Chrysten Zenoni, 21.
Chrysten starred in series five of MTV’s Ex On The Beach and is now ready to show the Geordies how the Aussies party.

The 21-year-old beauty is no stranger to a Geordie as she was originally known for her brief fling with Geordie OG, Gaz. However, Chrysten is now ready to leave the past behind her and become successful in her own right.

The brunette babe loves it when boys play hard to get saying ‘the fact that they don’t want me, makes me want them more’ which sounds like a recipe for drama to us.

Chrysten is a girl who knows exactly what she wants and decided early on that the 9 – 5 life wasn’t for her, so now she can be found waitressing and flaunting her flawless bod all over social media for her thousands of followers.

Dee Nguyen, 25
Dee says she likes boys who she can have fun and who will put her in her place, so let’s see how our Geordie boys get on trying to manage her…
At 25, Dee is the oldest of the Aussies and is looking to mix up her life a little bit, so where better to do that than the Geordie Shore house?

This fitness fanatic loves yoga and running but don’t take her as a softy. Dee has recently taken up Jujitsu, she’s a fiercely loyal friend, and she’s like a pit bull when it comes to bullies.

When this feisty female is p****d off, you’ll know about it, especially when it comes to protecting her friends. The beauty knows how to have fun though and takes regular pole dancing classes, so Chloe might have some competition on the dance floor!

This self-confessed player has some trust issues and created a three date rule to stop either party catching any feels!

Alex Macpherson, 22
Alex may have travelled the world chasing the party but deep down he is a Gold Coaster at heart and loves the beachy vibes of Surfers Paradise.

The 22-year-old rates his fashion sense highly which is ironic as he spends 90% of his time topless and always gets asked if he even owns a shirt…

The self-confessed mummy’s boy loves to get the party started and can always be found getting the shots in and getting the games going.

Aussie Alex has no shortage of female attention and regularly gets described as ‘a real life Ken doll’. However, confidence is the way to this hunk’s heart and he likes a girl who can walk straight up to him and make their move, so will any of our Northern lasses be up for the challenge?

Wednesday May 16 at 9am on MTV, repeated at 9.30pm.

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