Bumped: Gotham (not)

Updated: Gotham will be not be moving nights after all.

Updated: Gotham will NOT be moving to Thursday nights later this month.

Foxtel has now advised of an error in its previous Programming advice.

Gotham remains 8:30pm Mondays on FOX8.

The Gifted begins Thursdays from April 19 at 8:30pm.

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  1. Gotham is a great show, I feel it’s really underrated.

    For all the focus the Arrow/Flashverse shows get. Gotham and Agents of Shield are the best llong running comic book shows on TV.

    1. I agree, but the Arrow / Flash fan base in the USA are attracted to this classic DC comic book genre, they also enjoy endlessly analysing the storyline of both these shows in on line forums, Gotham and Josh Weldon’s Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.do depict adult graphic violence which may turn off some viewers who currently follow Arrow and Flash, especially young viewers.

  2. Love Gotham, my favorite show at the moment by far. The fact that it’s not fast tracked means that we get to see it every week. I prefer that, to the stopping and starting that besets The Flash and Arrow.

  3. If Foxtel wants to survive, they need to join the 21st century and leave all of this ‘not fast tracked’ nonsense behind.

    Every show they get from the US needs to air not on the same day as the US, but at the same time. Then they can encore in prime time the same evening. Small exceptions can be made in cases like the walking dead where it needs to be aired half an hour later due to AMC airing ads.

    Some may feel that show x or show y doesn’t justify fast tracking because they are less popular. It’s popular to the people that watch them. And those people aren’t months behind like Foxtel.

    1. Foxtel bought Gotham because Nine wasn’t showing it and thus started off 1.5 seasons behind the US. Skipping 1.5 seasons to fast track it was impossible. They have screened double eps of S3 for a while to catch up and we now only 9 eps behind, in what could be the shows final season. It’s isn’t rating well and FOX now have enough eps to syndicate it. Fast tracking US show means showing them over Summer with 3 and 4 week production breaks and reduces the audience by 50%. The shows that Foxtel are fastracking are rating 30,000 viewers.

  4. While this makes logical sense (since Gotham is the only one of the weekly 8:30 Fox8 shows not fast-tracked), it’s annoying because it means that Gotham, Suits, Legion & Survivor are all on at the same time.

    And Thursday used to be the nothing/quiet night… Thank goodness for DVRs & +2 channels.

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