Can you make an “oasis of quiet chat” on commercial TV?

Yes they knew there would be ads, but did Andrew Denton & producer Jon Casimir realise there would be pop-up ads for My Kitchen Rules and the Sunrise Cash Cow when they pitched their idea to Kerry Stokes.

I can’t help but feel it goes against their vision for a quiet chat on a simple set.

Last week Casimir told media, “We feel there is a gap in the marketplace, and we feel like the world we have moved into is a ‘shouty’ place.

“Our politicians shout. Our social media is full of people shouting as soon as they can every morning. Out public discourse is shouting. TV promos, a lot of them, shout at you. It’s a veery noisy world we live in.

“So Andrew and I were surmising that maybe it would be nice to see if we could make almost an oasis of quiet chat in that noisy world. Would it be possible to make a show that actually gave people the time and the space to talk? Would it be possible to make an Interview show that gave people room to move?”

Maybe. Or maybe not without some limitations given the show followed a volatile episode of reality TV and networks facing revenue challenges are forced to constantly push product to audiences.

Maybe a quiet conversation with the promo department may find a middle ground, please?


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I did not watch…as much as I like Denton…glad I didn’t….those pop ups sure are shouting out loud…just on the page here…and I will bet there was a lot of shouting/yelling going on in living rooms, that were trying to watch… 🙁

  2. thedirtydigger

    Yes I reckon ‘Interview’ will drop at least 100,000 viewers by week two and settle around the 400,000 mark. And be pushed towards 9.15 or so…
    Its definitely an ABC show that’s somehow washed ashore on a commercial network.
    I do hope its a relatively inexpensive buy in…
    The whole thing looks a bit cheap, right down to those now cliched replica Grant Featherston chairs. Obviously the budget couldn’t stretch to the real thing, which is why the side shot reveals the dumpy badly made chairs in all their Matt Blatt glory.

  3. I think the self regulation is a joke. The watermarks are often in colour. The pop up adverts are getting bigger, sometimes you can’t even see what is happening?!?

  4. The reality is Denton’s show would be a far better fit on ABC TV, for all kinds of reasons. Commercial TV just not the right home for this, irrespective of its quality.

  5. The pop up ads are the least of their problems. Who thought it was a good idea to launch a new 1 hour chat show with only 2 lots of guests, one of whom was a couple of swimmers who had nothing interesting to say. I like many others who voiced their opinion on Twitter had switched off after the first ad break. I would have thought a Hollywood star would’ve been more appropriate. I predict this show will have considerably less viewers next week.

  6. Watched Dave Hughes show.
    Feel sorry for Denton. Sevens advertising is over kill.
    Why people are watching this crap on Seven MKR is beyond me.

    • The constant on-screen marketing drivel has turned me off FTA no end. Sad how viewers are treated aa marketing targets instead of as viewers thesedays. Give me the clutter free experience of Netflix and Stan anyday. If FTA were to stream clean feeds of their signals for a nominal charge, would people pay for it?

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