Cast change for Death in Paradise

Filming of the eighth season is currently underway in Guadeloupe ....for all but one regular.

Filming of the eighth series of Death in Paradise is underway in Guadeloupe, with Ardal O’Hanlon reprising his role as lead detective DI Jack Mooney.

But while Joséphine Jobert (DS Florence Cassell), Tobi Bakare (Officer JP Hooper), Don Warrington (Commissioner Selwyn Patterson) and Elizabeth Bourgine (Catherine Bordey) all return Danny John-Jules (Officer Dwayne Myers) is not.

New cast member Shyko Amos (A Very English Scandal) joins as Officer Ruby Patterson.

“There is nothing quite like Death in Paradise on TV and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’ve joined such a massively popular show. It’s given me a butterfly or two but I’m very excited! Officer Ruby Patterson is a bundle of joy! I am very excited for Death in Paradise viewers to experience her as the new member of the already amazing law enforcement team of Saint Marie,” she says.

Executive Producer, Tim Key, says: “We’re delighted to welcome Shyko to the team. She’s a really exciting young actor who has already made a huge impact on set as Officer Ruby Patterson. We’re very sad to have said goodbye to Danny, who’s brilliant performance as Dwayne has helped make the show such a success. We wish Danny all the very best and look forward to working with him again. But it’s wonderful to be back in Guadeloupe with our fantastic cast and crew to get stuck in to some more intriguing murder mysteries in the Caribbean sun. We can’t wait for the audience to see what we’ve got in store”.

ABC has screened 6 seasons in Australia.


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  1. I wonder if Danny John-Jules involvement with Red Dwarf is just too much juggling of work especially if you have to travel, at 57 you want to slow down a bit if you have a family, which I would say is the main reason,as well as pursuing other roles, most of the actors involved in Death in Paradise would want to leave the show.

  2. I am surprised, and yet not surprised, that Danny has decided to leave. He’s always been the most fun character, but he’s probably done all he can with the character. I hope they don’t kill him off like they did with Ben Miller, and give him a proper send off.

    1. I read an interview where Ben Miller stated he requested to be killed off as he wanted to make sure they could never ask him back to the show. I don’t think Danny is as desperate to be rid of his character and the fans would probably like to see Dwyane go off to live a good life.

  3. Not sure about this cast change, it means Catherine and the Commissioner are the only original cast members!
    Ardal O’hanlon isn’t that good a fit either. I suppose only time will tell if the new series is ok.

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