Comm Games tops Sunday as ratings resume

Ratings: Seven share is over 40% as most networks hold off premium shows.

Commonwealth Games action dominated on Sunday as the 2018 survey resumed.

Coverage topped the night, averaging 1.25m viewers across the evening. A further 710,000 viewed in the afternoon and 247,00 were watching 7TWO in the evening.

That helped Seven to a 42.1% share then Nine 23.4%, ABC 13.6%, TEN 13.4% and SBS 7.5%.

Seven News (1.15m) was also ahead of Nine News at 1.01m.

60 Minutes drew 630,000 for Nine then Killer Women with Piers Morgan (345,000). Movie: Casino Royale was 227,000.

ABC News (627,000), Grand Designs (547,000), Midsomer Murders (401,000) comprised ABC’s night. A Hard Quiz repeat was 213,000.

Bachelor in Paradise was best for TEN on 611,000 topping the 16-39 demo, then The Sunday Project (358,000 / 246,000), NCIS (269,000) TEN Eyewitness News (242,000), Family Feud (200,000) and SEAL Team (123,000).

On SBS it was Egypt’s Sun Kings (233,000), Hunting the Nazi Gold Train (228,000), Adolf and Eva: Love and War (158,000) and SBS World News (152,000).

7mate’s AFL coverage topped multichannels at 256,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 8 April 2018.

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  1. Hasn’t anyone noticed that last night SBS has finally succeeded in running a single programme that covers off its two biggest rating genres – Nazis and Trains ?
    Welcome aboard ” Hunting The Nazi Gold Train ” …
    All this high falutin’ talk from the SBS programming bunker about diversity and acceptance – well we all know what SBS viewers really want to see…and it ain’t angst ridden moralising dramas that only play to the people that “work” there is it ?

  2. I am enjoying the 7 broadcast of the games. Commentators are all very good except off course for one innocent blooper at the volleyball ooops!! When these things happen it always seems to be everyone else ‘slamming’ (oh how I hate that word) them but not the people it was targeted at. It would be hard to keep thinking of things to talk about for such long periods of time.

    1. The best thing has been the almost absence of a studio. Coverage of events moves seamlessly from one event to another with the mimimum of explanations.
      Not sure what you are referring to with the volleyball, but last night’s americanisation of the word “defence” (into “dee-fence”) was very jarring.

  3. I’m very surprised at the high ratings for the C’Wealth Games. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time a TV network has been able to get the Games to work ratings-wise. In the 1990s Nine had it then flick-passed it to TEN because of low ratings. TEN tried it on the main channel pre-digital then flick-passed it to One for the rest of their contract before unloading it to Seven which has now managed to turn it into a ratings hit and a marquee event attraction. Seven has been able to achieve this with shows that initially appear unappealing and which critics say will fail – Little Big Shots for example. A big pity that they weren’t able to do that with Australian Spartan.

  4. BachiP is without doubt the highest rating show within our household. It is, at times, just hilarious. 3 blokes got dumped last night and are now desperately trying to hook up with someone else….it took them a while to realise..!! The intoduction of the american/canadian caused a huge stir, but who would really believe anything they said…way too smooth to be true. If Love Island is anywhere near as entertaining as this, they’ll have a hit on their hands. Normal Bach is gonna be a little boring after this

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