Commentator apologises for West Indies comment

Beach volleyball commentator Kerri Pottharst has apologised for comments made during a match between Australia and a West Indies duo at the Commonwealth Games yesterday.

She referred to St Kitts and Nevis duo St Clair Hodge and Shawn Seabrookes as looking like “human lamingtons covered in sand”.

The remark drew a harsh response on social media.

Pottharst, who won Gold for Australia at Sydney 2000, publicly apologised on Sunday night.

“I made a comment I unreservedly apologise for and sincerely regret. It was 100 per cent not meant to offend,” she said.

During the PyeongChang Winter Olympics Seven was forced to clarify a comment some deemed casual racis, after commentator Jacqui Cooper referring to aerial manoeuvres by the Chinese team as being “very hard to tell who’s who.”

Seven reiterated the context was referring to the execution as a trademark of the team’s style.

Source: News Corp

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