Daily Mail apologises for comment on Bachelor participant

TV’s year of abuse continues with the Daily Mail apologising for language it published in referring to a participant on Bachelor in Paradise, Florence.

The article published yesterday referred to her as a “vapid c***” before editing the Live copy two hours later.

“Daily Mail Australia would like to apologise for inappropriate language that appeared on an article published by this site on Sunday morning,” a spokesman said.

“The story about Bachelor in Paradise star Florence Alexandra contained offensive wording that should not have been included.

“As soon as we became aware of the mistake, the wording was removed.

“The Daily Mail Australia will properly investigate how the offending words were published.”

Florence Alexandra is reportedly consulting lawyers.

Updated:  “After an internal investigation, Daily Mail Australia has now terminated the employment of the journalist responsible for the offending words,” says spokesperson.

Source: AdNews


  1. David, you’re being way too genteel. The C word was spelt out in full in the article, there were no asterisks. I saw screen caps of it on Twitter and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

  2. jezza the first original one

    They used the C bomb….unbelievable.

    There was a time when no one said it…ever. But it seems to be creeping into the mainstream more often. It was in use in a couple of eps of The Ozarks and also in Humanity by Ricky Gervais.

    Well there you go

    • LMAO. You seriously think this word was never said? The C word has been a part of Australian culture forever, it’s very very common in Australia and has been for a very long time. You either aren’t Australian or have been living with prudes your whole life. Those two shows you mentioned aren’t even Australian and Ricky Gervais is British where the C word is common usage. The only country where it’s frowned upon is America.

      • Theres obviously a big difference in saying the word on tv and using it in print form to describe someone. That’s just not right and a form of bullying!!

      • The words getting more popular in America, stand up comedians like our very own Jim Jeffries have been having fun with it.

        It’s definitely deemed a more more sterner word in the UK than here, where it’s occasional even used as a term of endearment with the word ‘Mad’ in front of it.

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