Does MKR dismissal lack the real backstory?

My Kitchen Rules villains, who managed to give the Seven series the bumper ratings it has lacked all season, have criticised the network, which in turn has taken a stand on their conduct.

Ironically Seven has not taken a stand on whether it has booted them from the competition, preferring to milk the saga for all its worth.

But there are unanswered questions about what went on behind the scenes.

In December reports first emerged of an incident at a Launceston hotel, presumably whilst filming an instant restaurant for Henry & Anna.

Hotel guests reportedly witnessed behaviour in which a female team clashed with a male team, after hearing comments made by the men in their room.

“The woman then started banging on the door,” an insider told The Daily Telegraph.

A meeting was reportedly held to investigate the incident, concluding that one contestant “crossed a line”.

“That behaviour was well beyond the limits of what is deemed acceptable,” the source indicated.

Seven’s head of publicity Susan Wood confirmed in December, “Someone crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed.”

Last night however, the storyline was confined to a Victorian instant restaurant, leaving some to ask whether there are still questions to be answered.

Today Sonya & Hadil took to Instagram to criticise the network for Reality TV editing.

“We are sorry that this is what MKR wanted to focus on, instead of all our kind, lighthearted, conversations. We regret signing up to a show that didn’t celebrate the cooking. Our credit for our hard work, our cooking, 6 dishes of the day from the judges were stripped from us to create the outcome you see,” they said.

A Seven spokesperson said,: “Last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules dealt with an unprecedented level of continued personal attacks and threats by one team against other teams.

“Despite a number of constructive conversations and second chances, this team continued to bully and attack other teams.

“This level of behaviour does not fit within the agreed workplace values of Channel Seven.

“Everyone, anywhere and at all times must feel safe and supported in their work place. This is a fundamental understanding and agreement by each and every Seven employee.”

Meanwhile rival team Jess & Emma appeared on Sunrise where Sam Armytage told them, “Look, it was very hard to watch. We have a firm anti-bullying campaign going on on Sunrise.

“And we’re getting a lot of feedback from our viewers that this was outright bullying by adults on prime time television.”


  1. Stop with the whole editing excuse as so many people say on reality tv and own your words. You said them, no-one put those words in your mouth in the editing suite.

    • Totally agree! My 9 year old now walks around the house saying ‘I know a Doctor who can fix your ugly face’ just from hearing the ads!!! 🙁

  2. Got stuck on a YouTube ride last night and saw the Sunrise interview the following morning milking this further, and showing the footage.
    Hypocrites, although Sam did look embarrassed to be presenting the story and mentioned their ongoing anti bullying stance, Kochie was oblivious and just played it up further.
    Surely some media code has been broken in airing this content. (I tried to search for Ethics and standards for tv codes but only found Press Council standards)

    Havent watched MKR for about 4 years, House Rules verged on this drama and tension last year, what’s stopping them going further this year.
    Reality TV is spiralling out of control, how long til we see human tragedy from these actions.

  3. Both teams should have gone, it’s not about the editing, it’s what the producers let happen over the course of this series without putting a stop to it. How much cooking have we seen this season?

  4. Maev....Sydney

    Re the Instagram post shown here…I would proffer that the best option is a) Don’t go on reality shows…and b) Stay off social media…Only a complete fool would think the trolls would not come out in force….What is the old saying…If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  5. It was strange how out of nowhere, Sonya and Hadil became quite abusive. I kept asking myself, why are they suddenly like this? They were quite nice early on, however they didn’t like the Vietnamese mums or anyone from the other group (which didn’t make sense either). It’s all very bizarre, there are definitely more questions than answers. I guess they’ll be doing a deal with New Idea to tell their story.

  6. Sonya & Hadil can blame all the editing of show, but it doesn’t take away the fact that they bullied other contestants, and that is unacceptable, and can’t be edited in to the story line. They said those words.

    • Agreed. They’ve made classist comments against another team (they obviously can’t afford fine dining), and made several offensive remarks about the appearance of the two girls last night as well as making comments about the fact that they were knowingly trying to upset the other teams. Of course there is editing, but they actually said those things.

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