Eurovision 2018: Armenia

Sevak Khanagyan: "Qami"

Eurovision: Semi Final One
Sevak Khanagyan

Singer-songwriter Sevak Khanagyan was born in Metsavan, Armenia, in 1987. He first started writing music when he was just seven years old, when he also entered music school. Sevak graduated from the Kursk Cultural College and later received a higher education at the Moscow State Classical Academy. During his studies he played in various bands.

In 2015, Sevak participated in two major television competitions: Glavnaya Stsena and The Voice of Armenia. However, it was his victory in the Ukrainian edition of The X Factor that earned him the recognition of his fans. During the first round of the competition he also gained the admiration of the jury, while performing his original song Don’t Be Quiet. After winning The X Factor, Sevak commenced on a solo concert tour through Russia, Ukraine and Armenia.

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