Four Corners: Apr 23

On Monday’s Four Corners Sean Nicholls reports on “Green Rush”, the race to riches for Australia’s new marijuana moguls.

“The party’s only just beginning. People have got no idea how big this is going to be. This is going to be huge.” Cannabis investor

There are millions being made in the Australian marijuana business but these entrepreneurs and investors aren’t risking jail to make their fortunes. They’re betting big on the home grown medicinal marijuana industry and riding the “pot stock” boom.

“I was heavily involved in the dot com boom. I never thought I’d see another boom like it but this green rush or gold rush or whatever you want to call it is simply remarkable.” Cannabis investor

Entrepreneurs are talking up the potential of a whole range of possible products, from insomnia cures to chronic pain treatments, and the share market is loving it.

“It’s going to be a multi-billion dollar market in total.” Cannabis company co-founder

But with patients struggling to access cannabis products, Four Corners investigates who is making money out of the marijuana boom.

“I am called The Wolf but I am in the market for all the right reasons.” Cannabis investor

Four Corners charts the rise of this industry which has grown from nowhere in just a few years.

“There’s no doubt, as with any new industry, there’s a flurry of people jumping onboard, jumping on the bandwagon, and there will be a shake down as a result of that.” Market analyst

The program gained exclusive access to the harvesting of cannabis in the first legal commercial growing facility in Australia, under heavy security, at a secret location.

“I’ve been approached by plenty who’ve said ‘I’m really good at growing this, how do I get involved in the legal side of the industry?’ Step one is don’t apply. It won’t cut it with the Office of Drug Control.” Cannabis company CEO

Some in the industry are confidently predicting that the “green rush” has a long way to go yet and are positioning themselves for any further changes to the law.

“There’s no question in my mind that medical cannabis is the Trojan horse for recreational cannabis.” Cannabis investor

Monday 23rd April at 8.30pm on ABC.

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