Gold Coast action dominates Tuesday

Commonwealth Games coverage continues its domination of primetime, last night drawing 1.48m / 1.24m on the primary channel.

All the attention remains focussed on the primary channel with 7TWO coverage failing to make the multichannel Top 20 and beaten by 9GEM.

Young Sheldon was again the top entertainment drawcard for the night.

A Seven News (1.02m / 769,000)  win helped the network to an easy Tuesday victory with 42.1% then Nine 24.6%, TEN 15.2%, ABC 13.3% and SBS 4.7%.

Nine News (971,000 / 956,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (749,000), Young Sheldon (745,000), The Big Bang Theory (620,000), Hot Seat (573,000 / 352,000) and movie: Skyfall (365,000).

Bachelor in Paradise (676,000) led again for TEN followed by The Project (488,000 / 326,000), TEN Eyewitness News (441,000), Hughesy, We Have a Problem (438,000) and Family Feud (295,000). NCIS: LA was 162,000.

ABC News (633,000), 7:30 (473,000), The Checkout (419,000), Employable Me (400,000), Louis Theroux: Savile (257,000) and Think Tank (190,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Insight (160,000) and The Tsar and Empress: Secret Letters (154,000).

ABC KIDS topped multichannels with Peter Rabbit (180,000).

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 10 April 2018


  1. Looking at the entire ratings summary, I am surprised that ONE’s “true crime Tuesday” doesn’t get anything in the top twenty. I know it’s niche, but some excellent programs there.
    And the kid in Young Sheldon is a great talent, yes?

  2. Sports on 7TWO have generally been more niche or longer games like hockey, basket ball ete which make great second screen viewing but not to sit and watch unless you’re really into them.

    • We spend the evening channel surfing between the two – 7 and 7Two. I must say that I think the coverage has been very good, with almost no “filler”, just clear movement from event to event. Looking forward to the big netball game tonight.

      • It wont be squashed. MKR is not that strong this year, rating only around 1m and I cant see The Voice rating higher than the Commonwealth Games are right now. So Bachelor will stay at its current ratings before rising slowly as we get closer to the finale.

  3. But the biggest news of the day ( still kinda tv related) Khloe kardash has being cheated on while she is almost about to give birth , seriously, males !!
    If my girl gets played like that , no one has any chance of a faithful relationship. Ur just kidding urself if u think otherwise . I love u Khloe lol

    • How exactly do you know Seven “want a summer sport”? Non-ratings for them and their advertisers anyway. All it does is provide good summer publicity and make them extra cash.

      If that’s all it does and they may actually lose money, then is paying around $500 million worth it?

  4. I noticed 7two had volleyball on last night, whereas previous nights action was cycling and other athletic events. So perhaps people were glued to the interchanging coverage between swimming and athletics.

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