Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser sign for Mad About You revival

Original Mad About You stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt have signed new deals to revive their 90s sitcom, according to media reports.

EW is reporting they signed a deal with Sony Pictures Television to reprise their roles. The sitcom, which ran from 1992 – 1999, has been rumoured to be seeking a return, with co-creator Danny Jacobson also on board.

While NBC would be the most-suited home for the series, the comedy wasn’t owned or produced by NBC -meaning other networks could be in the running.

“The dream is to get to do it,” Hunt said recently. “I’ve been watching Will & Grace and laughing so hard out loud. They’re just crushing it. I have remained very, very close friends with Paul. Reboot or no reboot, we have lunch once a month. We really enjoy and care for each other. It was a very loving piece of work. We loved it. It would be fun to work on something that’s really about love.”

Reiser, seen recently in Stranger Things, has previously said, “One of the things we did deliberately in the finale was that we jumped ahead in the future. We saw where they went. Part of why we did that was to avoid the temptation of going back…When you watch a reunion, all you do is say ‘Wow do they look older.’”

In the new series Paul (Reiser) and Jamie (Hunt) will reportedly be suffering from  ‘empty nest syndrome’ as their 17-year-old daughter Mabel goes to college.


  1. Off subject kinda .but you think the adds promoting Roseannes return would mention how 18 million viewers tuned in , in America , and was the most watched comedy in years . I would be plugging that .

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