National Treasure replay on ABC

If you missed this outstanding drama with Robbie Coltrane & Julie Walters, it won a swag of awards.

One of my favourite dramas from 2016, the outstanding National Treasure is getting a repeat on ABC from this Sunday night.

The 4 part drama, starring Robbie Coltrane as a celebrity accused of allegations, appears to be inspired by UK events surrounding Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Operation Yewtree. It is written by Jack Thorne (Kiri, Skins, Shameless, This is England).

It also features the wonderful Julie Walters. This went on to win awards at Monte Carlo, BAFTA and UK TV awards.

I don’t often plug repeats but I suspect there were quite a few who missed this one.

A 4.5 star review is here.

Paul Finchley (Robbie Coltrane) is one half of a much loved British comedy double act – a cherished household name with a career that spans several decades. He’s not quite as successful as he once was, but nevertheless he’s firmly engrained into the British national conscious.

As Paul settles into the twilight years of his life, a destructive allegation shakes him and his family to their core.

Accused of two counts of sexual assault, each some 20 years previous, Paul’s honour and celebrity face trial by jury, by press and by those closest to him, not least his wife, Marie (Julie Walters) and daughter, Dee (Andrea Risborough). And whether unconditionally or dutifully, those who love and care for Paul must stand by the man whose word they have chosen to believe.

10pm Sunday on ABC.

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  1. Yes, anyone who is a fan of Robbie Coltrane and had missed this drama will be emotionally tested by the subject matter and the convincing acting of Coltrane who keeps viewers guessing until the end.

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