Publicity for raw ABC episode causes distress

Actress /Producer Rebecca Gibney has taken to social media to respond to an article which draws upon an upcoming episode of ABC’s Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.

In the episode Gibney reflects on historic abuse within her family, emotionally recalling deeply personal stories as she revisits one of her childhood homes in Wellington.

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph directly quoted her conversation with Zemiro, but Gibney indicated she had not seen the episode and was shocked by the headline to sell newspapers.

She referred to an “unauthorised press release” claiming neither Zemiro nor producers Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder were aware of it. But she reiterated the sensitivity which had surrounded the 1 day shoot and encouraged viewers to watch the program.

ABC regularly releases full synopses of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (along with other ABC titles) to media ahead of their premiere. It’s believed producers were yet to finalise publicity plans with ABC.

CJZ declined to comment but understands ABC is looking into it.

ABC has been contacted for comment.

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery returns at 8pm Wednesday May 2nd.

I’m writing this in response to an article that was published this morning relating to a very sensitive issue in my family. I will be appearing in an episode of the ABC’s Home Delivery and in the show I have discussed my Grandfather and Father. I have not seen the show and I have not been contacted for publicity nor have I given any interviews for the episode so any quotes used have not come directly from me to any journalists. My family and I are extremely saddened that I was not contacted or informed that this article was coming out ( with an appalling headline which I did not say) and I am so sad that they are using our family to sell their newspaper. It’s not on. I have always been open about my personal issues and if it helps others then my job is done. What I do detest is somebody using our family’s personal story for publicity without even bothering to contact our family to clarify what is clearly a distressing situation for us. However for those that have suffered any kind of abuse please know that you can get help and move forward. My family and I are a testament to that. ( and for the record Julia Zemiro was extremely sensitive and wonderful and I loved my time with her – she is in no way responsible for this and this is not a reflection of the show)

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This is my incredible family. They are warm, they are funny, they are loyal and they are resilient. As a family we have survived a lot of shit ( excuse the expression) and we have come out the other side stronger and closer. Despite today’s unauthorised press releases about our personal struggles my family have handled it all with their incredible humour and grace and I am so grateful for that. Our mother is a champion who has survived against incredible odds and her understanding today despite being blindsided by it is a testament to her courage and strength. Love you family 🙏🏻❤️( and for the record neither Julia Zemiro or the producers of Home Delivery were aware of the press releases happening today – they have been nothing but supportive, Julia is an awesome human and the show is brilliant so please watch it.) Thanks also for your kind comments . It’s been one of those days 🙆‍♀️….but at least I have an excuse to have a drink 😜🍸

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