Renewed: The Last Kingdom

Viking drama The Last Kingdom has been renewed for a third season.

Originally produced by BBC and Netflix for two seasons, the third will be produced by Netflix alone.
The change should not impact the series screening in Australia through Netflix.

Star Alexander Dreymon who plays Uhtred, last year told TV Tonight each season comprises 2 books from the 10 book The Saxon Stories so he was in for the long haul.

“I really enjoy working with the crew in Hungary, so as long as we can keep those guys, I’m game for however like it takes,” he said.

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  1. Good news that Netflix has come to the party The Last Kingdom deserved another season but I’m not sure it can continue for as long as Alexander wants, perhaps its about time Netflix thought about releasing DVD’s of their big budget shows even though disk players are gradually becoming obsolete according to some articles I have read..

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