Returning: Aussie Gold Hunters

WA-based gold prospectors return for the hunt, on Discovery in late May.

Next month Aussie Gold Hunters returns for season 3 its biggest season yet, following five crews of gold-hungry prospectors in Western Australia.

Here the stakes are high. With no regular income these teams must find gold in order to survive financially. And with 1600 new Prospecting Licences issued this season, the competition is at an all time high.

Back in the game is a new look Dirt Dogs led by Top Dog, Vernon Strange who sets a massive $1 million target; Aussie battlers the Gold Gypsies (Christine and Greg Clark) who are facing a do or die season; family team Ted and Lecky Mahoney and their new recruit, 21-year-old daughter Tyler who is switching the catwalks of Melbourne for the goldfields; along with solo prospector, Rick Fishers who is heading deeper into the outback to hopefully uncover a fortune. There are some new faces too, with the introduction of The Scrappers led by Cornwall born and raised Alex Stead who became entranced with gold as a child and has spent the last decade venturing from the UK to Western Australia to prospect.

As the machines roar and the gold tallies soar, Aussie Gold Hunters takes you deep into the remarkable world of gold mining in Western Australia, revealing its historic towns and the legends that truly make it the wild frontier. Pushing harder, further and risking more than ever before to uncover a life-changing strike, it’s go time on the goldfields.

Thursdays from 31 May at 7.30pm on Discovery.

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