Returning: Roseanne

Hit sitcom revival Roseanne is back on TEN at the end of the month, to premiere on Monday 30 April.

At a month after its US return, the bigger challenge may be in hoping enough fans have not already seen the episode.

In the US, the first episode of the revival pulled more than 27 million viewers across Live+7 day viewing, making it the highest-rating comedy in almost four years.

Back after a 21-year hiatus, the new season of Roseanne stars original cast members Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, Sarah Chalke and Michael Fishman, plus newcomers Emma Kenney, Jayden Rey and Ames McNamara. The new season will also feature guest appearances by stars from the original series, including Johnny Galecki, Estelle Parsons and Sandra Bernhard.

With nine award-winning seasons (1988 to 1997) under its belt, the all-new Roseanne will see the often dysfunctional but always entertaining Conner family navigate the world as we know it. Renowned for their humour, relevance, warmth and honesty, the Conners will deal with family squabbles and the daily economic challenges of living pay cheque to pay cheque in 2018.

Updated: 9pm Monday 30 April on TEN.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Rosanne was successful for Network TEN, true not at the level of Friends or Seinfeld but i think the demographic was different. I am looking forward to this, the promos from ABC look good. I like the one where Roseanne and her daughter are in a scene with her daughter/grand daughter about having more money was so funny. As for Network TEN again taking forever to air it you have to question if they want people to watch it on TV other than other means? Fast tracking had to happen, they could have adjusted for breaks in US as well. People want it asap, not when the network wants it, it just shows that TEN management has to improve in this area. Its like Live vs Delayed sports coverage people wont accept delayed anymore you may not show it then. same goes for tv shows, fast tracked or dont bother. They should consider getting back the Carsey-Warner back catelogue.

  2. I’d like to say I’m too young to remember, however that sadly isn’t the case, however was Roseanne very successful in Australia the first time around? I don’t recall it being one of the ‘buzzy’ 90s sitcoms here?

      • Roseanne wasn’t initially successful. It premiered during the media takeover wars of the late 1980s when TEN went into receivership, administration then liquidation. But in 1991 Westpac bought TEN and directed the network to the youth demographic and Roseanne with its young family and anti-establishment tone fitted this new target demo perfectly. It suddenly became a hit show.

  3. I’m looking forward to it but will wait, don’t really know how t view it another way anyway. In the mean time my schedule is full and I don’t watch the Commonwealth Games. I have been enjoying Young Sheldon and new Big Bang Theory. I’m sorry to hear YS is not rating.

  4. Happy to have an air date finally. Excited to see this. But I agree they could have shown it during the games as so etching else to watch and even during Easter.

  5. I wonder how this will play in Australia. It seems to have done well, in part, because of the support from pro Trump viewers. While Trump has a band of supporters in Oz, the number would pale in comparison to the US.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful news David! Was excited to see that one of the free to air channels had the rights to it & when Ten started advertising it :). While we may have to wait a month after the US got it I can see why with Easter & C.Games so I think its pretty decent. We all know they could’ve done a lot worse. Hopefully they don’t move it around too much with MasterChef starting back soon too. Since I think the only other thing they’ve got on a Monday is SVU my guess is it’ll just get pushed back between when MC finishes & SVU starts. They can easily do without their SVU repeat I think, then bring them back in a few weeks when this season finishes. Seems logical in my head anyway… we’ll see what Ten does… Just glad to see a start date 🙂

  7. No reason 1st 2 eps could not have aired same day as US – that was before Comm Games.

    Furthermore, not everyone watches Comm Games – yes rating ok, but no reason to air shows worth watching during Comm Games rather than letting your ratings shares go near SBS levels on some nights.

    • Would have been outside of ratings and over Easter. Hard to air 1 ep alone, so you need to wait until 2 avail. Then there is the issue of stop / start if you hold for Comm Games. As I see it there will be a timeslot change anyway. We probably need to see the bigger picture which will be clearer later.

  8. I’m sorry, but this just proves the point that they have no idea… like seriously… a month after the US premiere… just shows they have no idea how people watch tv these days… if you’re not fast-tracked then you’re old news…
    And i’m not speaking for myself… personally i don’t watch anything online, but i am a minority… the majority of people who had any interest would have seen this already…
    I personally would have put on repeats of “classic Roseanne” right away… (let’s face it, ch10 don’t really have anything else)… and when the new show premiered, put it on within a week…
    It’s just the way the world works these days

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