Shut down, turn off, but Seven still claims Sunday win.

Ratings: Viewers were switching off the Closing Ceremony from 9pm. MKR beats The Voice premiere.

Seven dominated viewing last night winning all primetime slots despite the debacle on the Gold Coast.

My Kitchen Rules (1.31m) defeated the launch of The Voice (1.03m), which was lower than its 2017 premiere of 1.28m. No doubt having the Commonwealth Games as an adjunct was of some assistance, along with the heavily promoted “scandal” (which won’t air until Wednesday). The tussle left Bachelor in Paradise in third place from 7:30pm on 629,000 -but it did top the 16-39 demos.

The much-maligned Closing Ceremony averaged 1.14m viewers (pre-show 1.07m), on those numbers it remains the biggest Closing Ceremony for a decade but the switch-off was underway from 9pm, when it never recovered. By the time Joh Griggs and Basil Zempilas slammed the broadcast there were around 750,000 left.

Seven News (1.35m) was the night’s top show ahead of Nine News (1.08m).

Seven network won Sunday with 39.4% then Nine 26.8%, ABC 14.2%, TEN 14.0% and SBS 5.6%.

Elsewhere for Nine, 60 Minutes drew 638,000 and Born to Kill (272,000).

ABC News (684,000), Grand Designs (568,000), Midsomer Murders (350,000) and a Hard Quiz replay (199,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Bachelor in Paradise (629,000) led for TEN then The Sunday Project (405,000 / 270,000), TEN Eyewitness News (335,000), NCIS (291,000), Family Feud (209,000) and SEAL Team (190,000).

On SBS it was Egypt’s Sun Kings (215,000), SBS World News (167,000), Sherpa: Trouble on Everest (132,000).

9GO!’s Young Sheldon topped multichannels at 152,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 15 April 2018

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  1. Can’t wait till MKR is over. Seeing those OTT promos everyday has turned me right off this show. Now they’re using huge text to increase the drama. Just ridiculous.

    Joh just gave it to them in the closing ceremony. Never seen TV like it.

    1. No date, but bound to be the night after MKR ends. I suspect TEN has an idea of the week but probably not the night yet. On the other hand if MKR ratings diminish it may force their hand after Bachelor ends. I can’t imagine they have too many Jamie Olivers to fill in.

      1. MKR has lost its original purpose as a cooking show, with the inclusion of some less than desirable characters hell bent on being adversarial the show is going down the plughole fast taking it’s celebrity chefs with it.

  2. I was in the cast of the Ceremony and the Athletes marched in as they normally do, however I think that Channel 7 was more interested in getting “My Kitchen Rules” of to good start by having the Closing Ceremony back to 8.30pm(30 minutes less than the Opening Ceremony.

    1. Nothing to do with Seven. They could only broadcast what they were given by something called NEP. If the athletes did march in then the pictures were not made available for broadcast to Seven. I switched off when a mayor or someone in a suit suggested people “return back”. Needs a scriptwriter, or a better scriptwriter who has some command of English grammar.

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