Sydney trio wins Australian Spartan

NSW trio X Games Sydney has won Seven’s inaugural Australian Spartan series.

Motocross riders Josh Sheehan, Harry Bink and Jackson Strong, last night walked away with a $150,000 prize defeating South Australian team Two and a Half Men (Jake Markham, Levi Produde and Sean Kordic).

“The energy is absolutely ecstatic tonight. We were stoked to get through that thing. It was a whole lot of fun,” said Jackson.

The two teams graduated to the final round ahead of Cocoa Butter, whilst Unit 5.5, V.P. Vanguard and Dream Team all failed to qualify.

In a nod to the show’s original format, the grand final round saw two teams racing concurrently,
climbing the Mega Slip Face.

Seven’s ratings for the Queensland-made show have failed to fire, with the network wrapping the series in non-ratings. It is yet to reveal plans for a second season, already in the can.


  1. bettestreep2008

    Funny that Spartan was a huge ratings disaster but the almost identical Ninja Warrior was a ratings success. And I am betting Ninja Warrior 2018 will also be a success. Wonder why this is so?

  2. littletonpace

    I really quite enjoyed the show. My mum and I watch together. Has it’s problems, obviously. Wendell was unnecessary, and I think the show would benefit from being live so you don’t get the awkward cuts. Introducing a team and then cutting into 7 minutes later when they’re already through some of the challenges seemed silly. Could also cut down on the annoying intros, I know they “have to” give us a backstory but it could be half the time. We watched to see them on the course, not strip in front of a gaggle of women (which is what one of the male contenders did). I found half the intros made me dislike the players even though they’re physicality on the course was incredible. My opinion, anyway.

  3. thedirtydigger

    Judging by the dismal ratings I reckon the winner’s cheque should have been $15,000, not 150…
    Gee this was a mess, even down to the winner’s Easter Show dish that looks like …well it just looks a bit ….weird.
    Anyway those boys must have had balls of steel to win this comp.

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