The Chase’s Anne Hegerty hits back at UK viewer

'Don't be such a sad f***er.' The Governess directs a tweet at homophobic viewer.

The Chase Governess, aka Anne Hegerty, has given a serve to a UK viewer who complained about the orientation of one contestant.

During an episode this week, a viewer took to Twitter to criticise the show for allowing “people of this sort to appear on a family show”, undoubtedly referring to a 24-year-old ‘drag queen’, Daniel, who was one of 4 contestants.

But Hegerty responded in kind with a blunt “Oh don’t be such a sad f***er” (and without any self-censoring too).

Hegerty, who has over 47,000 followers, has attracted nearly 3000 Likes for the tweet.

She was not alone in her view.

Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett also tweeted “We welcome everyone on the show… and you really are a sad f***er.”

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. Saw the episode and also wondered why that person was on the show. Not because of the way he was dressed or sexual orientation but because I couldn’t believe he passed the audition process given his severe lack of general knowledge. Seems to have made the show to generate some free publicity. Glad the people that won didn’t have to carry him in the final chase.

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