A Neighbours wedding for modern times

Neighbours is giving same-sex partners Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) the full soapie wedding following their engagement this week.

The duo, who have been dating on air since July, will see a picnic proposal this week amid some soapie confusion about just who proposes to whom.

Network TEN Executive Producer of Neighbours, Sara Richardson, said: “Watching the romance blossom between these two characters has been a heart-warming journey. They have had their ups and downs like every couple. We can’t wait to see them unite in the ultimate declaration of love.”

Neighbours Executive Producer, Jason Herbison, said: “Ever since the days of Scott and Charlene, Neighbours viewers have loved a wedding – and it’s high time a gay couple had the chance to walk down the aisle. The passing of same sex marriage means all our characters, gay or straight, have the chance to celebrate their love, as it should be. I can’t promise that David and Aaron’s journey to the altar will be smooth sailing but they will make it to the big day – and we are going to go big!”

Meanwhile Home and Away has also resumed its first gay character in years, but the role is said to be short-lived as a guest character for 6 weeks.


  1. Haven’t watched this since late 90’s I admit I was a huge (UK) fan in the “Golden era” late 80’s early 90’s but the lack of strong characters/storylines/acting dropped dramatically! I was intrigued by this story so watched a few clips on youtube but again have to say the acting is pretty dire and the kisses esp from Aaron – I think it is – look soooo uncomfortable. Would’ve been good to maybe get an actual gay actor to play the role?

  2. This 6 week only guest stint gay Home and Away character is a concern…I can almost see it now, he will befriend one of the regular male characters they will get close, they will share one kiss, regular character will question his sexuality, decide nope he is straight, gay character leaves the Bay and regular character erases it from his memory and its never mentioned again….

  3. I didnt even know this was still on TV!

    Parked on Eleven and getting 150,000 viewers per night, it would seem most people have forgotten about Neighbours…..

    Anyone else think this smells like a publicity stunt?

      • It’s actually more a case of Neighbours being very proactive with publicity, a point I have raised with Home and Away. I can barely even get a synopsis for H&A. That said, I’m disappointed Neighbours has not been responding to requests so the “favourite” may be changing soon.

        • Home and Away is too busy dominating TV Week they probably don’t have time for anyone else. (Although the last 2 TV Weeks have been non-H&A covers… a rarity these days!)

          But good on Neighbours for taking this step. How far we’ve come from Number 96 when Don & Dudley were partners but not even allowed to be seen holding hands.

  4. Whilst it has been years since I’ve watched either show regularly, Neighbours has for a long time been leaps and bounds ahead of Home and Away in the diversity stakes. The fact that in 2018 Home and Away can still only commit to having a gay character onscreen for 6 weeks is embarrassing.

    • I tend to agree the fact that Home and Away has struggle to show diversity in general and yet Neighbours as documented on this site (hence my awareness) has been far more progressive, both in multicultural diversity and sexuality. One hopes a day International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) will not be needed if society is truly reflected on Australian dramas, reality TV and advertising. The heterogeneity of advertising is a concern (and my single straight friends also comment on their struggles with holidays for couples), just to mention the range of stereotyping in advertising. I feel that multicultural awareness has increased in advertising more recently.

  5. Love the way neighbors handles their gay storylines….normally, gay characters are treated the same way, no sensationalism due to sexuality. Shame it’s audience in aussie is so small. Should be on Ten with way better promotions ….

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