Airdate: Dodo Heroes

Animal Planet screens Dodo Heroes, a new series that explores the connection humans have with animals.

The production is a partnership between Animal Planet and animal digital brand The Dodo. One episode will focus on Magnetic Island family and “koala whisperer” Izzy Bee, who cares for injured koalas.

Somebody call Ellen DeGeneres now!

Launching around the world on Saturday 9 June, Dodo Heroes shares inspiring stories of animals in dire need, and the people who go to unimaginable lengths to help them.

Proving that not all heroes wear capes, each episode highlights the undeniable bonds that are forged between these animals and the people who dedicate their lives to protecting and saving them. Dodo Heroes features the work of Pen Farthing, a former British Royal Marine who has reunited more than 700 street dogs with the soldiers who adopted them in Afghanistan; the Bee family from Australia whose mission is to rescue injured, sick or orphan baby koalas and rehabilitate them for the wild; Derrick Campana, a doctor who builds custom prosthetics for animals of all sizes from elephants to rabbits, and more.

The Bee Family (June 16)
Three years ago, Ali Bee, along with her 10-year-old daughter Izzy and husband Tim, took action when they saw a need among the wild koalas on Magnetic Island, Queensland. Ali, a licensed vet, started taking injured, sick and orphan koalas into her home, rehabilitating them, and then releasing them back into the wild. Her daughter Izzy “the koala whisperer” takes a particularly active role in the treatment, except for waking up every two hours to feed the baby koalas – a job she happily hands over to her mother. Once the baby koalas are strong enough, they are transferred from the living room to “kindergarten,” an oversized garden shed full of trees and training grounds for the babies. The family is about to release a very special koala, Crikey, back into the wild, along with three others they’ve rescued: Elvis, Coco, and Ash. While saying goodbye is difficult, the family knows success means seeing the koalas back in the wild.

8:30pm Saturday June 9 on Animal Planet.

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